Thank you so much and all the very best for future celebrations! Make sure to check our facebook and twitter for the site.. My work in the jury was interesting. I hope that i will manage to lead my new project to production. The whole city was the festival. The atmosphere at your festival is so great I can’t to imagine life without it. I especially enjoyed the people and your beautiful mind.

I was happy to find good friends. I shouldn’t have watched that video. I had no idea before that you are so big and so well organized and with so many great films. Make sure to check our facebook and twitter for the site.. And the fact that it is in a city with the amazing history of the origin of Bata makes it even special. Thank you for having us at the edition. I will cherish the memories from this festival. The leadership of the festival is outstanding — such that everyone we met, from the drivers, to the interns, to your fantastic programmers, were all so wonderful, generous and detail-oriented.


It truly felt like home. My work in the jury was interesting.

She is, even if that makes us sound a little creepy. I can’t go back home without meeting her.

The festival was so well organized, so gracious in welcoming me. The gentleness of each person involved in the organization. That’s why it’s so popular with guests.


This festival truly has an enchanting atmosphere. I’m thankful for this event and everybody around it gave stxna so much inspiration to live now, to create now.

A fan video of Stana at Zlin, courtesy of fetsival. I hope to be able to come back to Zlinfest one day. Thank you so much and all the very best for future celebrations!

Impressions – 59th ZLIN FILM FESTIVAL – International film festival for children and youth

Last night the only video I had found from the theater zlim the one I posted. But most importantly cultivates the film culture to young audiences and creates the future cinema lovers! With all my best wishes. Also here are some pictures from the festival’s website in a slightly bigger format than we originally got them.

What an inspiration you are. There was nothing to decide. I left with a large list of films I have to watch. Zlin was like finding a whole new family, which was exciting and so useful as we start to make our next fwstival. Hope to se you again! The Cinematographic Power of Storytelling. I am proud and glad that my movie Up in the Sky was a part of the festival. I am not surprised that it has been going on for sstana many years!

I am more than grateful for the intelligent and thoughtful film programme. Seriously, just when you think she can’t possibly get any cuter, she proves us wrong Right?!? Clearly, yours is a festival that has a legacy of experience — everything was so beautifully organized, easy, and smart. Now there’s a few different ones out there. I will come back to you as soon as possible. She’s so involved, I love her. And when I was, I immediately agreed.


And I fell in love in your Bata shoe shop. Thank you for having us at the edition. So apart from its film program it also provides many attractions that are not film-related. Hope to come next year to buy me more Bata.

To see the whole town involved and festigal create such a positive atmosphere really is a brilliant accomplishment. I love to spread the Stana love!

This festival does both perfectly and with its hospitality, professionalism and friendly atmosphere it is one of my favourite festivals. I was lucky zlij have experienced the celebration of Irish film at the festival, which made the whole thing even more special.