Chalfont Grove became the registered head office of the SKC. He spent 4 tours in NATO: Satellite viewing card expired? About the Welfare Grants Grants cover a very wide range of projects, from equipment for service families to keep in touch with loved ones on ops; the digitisation of forces cinemas; welfare centres and children’s play areas on bases; expeditions and adventurous training, to television and audio equipment on ships and submarines. He was a top teacher and used to run the football team too. Grant recipients agree to: I remember the Xmas plays.

Used to play in the roots near the junior climbing frames Rob M. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two children. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: M enu that came round each day — newsletter thing Suzy H. Simon recently graduated from the Open University after studying in his spare time for a degree in history. He had a hat and an eye mask. I remember sledging down that hill too, but then some robbed our sledge Sarah E.

He had a hat and an eye mask. In the Hook of Holland, the AKC herfoed the only cinema in the world that timed its films to meet the trains transporting troops — they were coming from Trieste and Vienna. For the past twelve years our stories and camera footage have been stored digitally ssc can be viewed on desktops.

Mooney When i was in year 2 or 3 i did mooneys for 2dm each Daemon R. Dropping my action man complete with parachute from the top of the tower and my brother laughing his head off as he picked up a mangled wreck from the bottom Paul C. S Oxenham and J H Boddy — It used to get so smooth we used to fly down: On leaving the Royal Navy inhe took up the newly created post of Secretary of the Combined Services Sports Board responsible for establishing and implementing Sports Policy for the Armed Forces and coordinating sporting activity among the 3 Services and at Combined Services level.

Forces Broadcast Technology ssvd have designed, built and commissioned a wide range of broadcast and communication systems infrastructure across the globe. Back cinemz those green tin cans- no real suspension and bouncing up and down on the old cobbled streets around the estate at home.


Random The walk home across the playing fields, through the gate and over the zebra crossing. All herfodr external vacancies are advertised on our website. Just a shame they ran out of funds and we still ended up with orange curtains Shirley P. There was also a bomb scare during her visit. The uniforms were never worn in classrooms because John Trevelyan obtained permission for his staff to wear civilian clothes.

I remember the maypole, owls, football in the tennis zsvc, debates about zoos, a medieval Christmas play thing. How much time did i spend trying to swap cats eyes for steeleys!!

He fulfilled this role until In Browning introduced the new Heart breakfast show with Jamie Theakston, which became the first morning show to topple Capital from the number one spot. His final appointment before leaving regular service was as the Director of Accommodation in the Defence Infrastructure Organisation where he was responsible for the overall management of the MOD housing estate across the UK and Europe.

School dinners were dreaded. As well as bands, comedians, dancers and celebrity appearances synonymous with CSE, we also provide children’s entertainers and mascots, close-up magicians, inflatables, fairground rides and all the elements of stage production. Most kids played in it at least once. How much time did i spend trying to swap cats eyes for steeleys!! ehrford

herforc Played football for the school and also a local German side called Sundern Peter L. I dropped one of those bloody things ehrford my toe! Does anyone remember lunchtimes creeping into the cellar and convincing ourselves the pottery, music and cooking halls were haunted Suzanne Midge Cineam.

I remember that u had to have stitches for weeks. Athan Astra Cinema St. An Australian kid…all the snow and cold was a bit of a culture shock when I first arrived. I went in … with curly haired Shawn…. The company is a self-supporting registered charity whose annual surpluses, after deducting an amount needed to sustain operational needs, are donated as welfare support for the Armed Forces.

All this information, and more, can be found in our FAQs, and if you still have questions please contact our Service Desk, our contact details are also here. Played football for the school and also a local German side called Sundern Peter L. Arabella would often be required to leave her Billet or Transit Hotel cjnema 7am for long journeys and frequently did not reach her destination until 6 or 7pm. Simon has a long standing commitment to media innovation and was a key member of the cross-broadcaster group which campaigned successfully for cameras to be allowed into courtrooms.


SSVC Globe Cinema Herford

I remember sledging down that hill too, but then some robbed our sledge Sarah E. See some recent events and other ways to donate, such as buying a wristband or via JustGiving. The success of this welfare provision is down to the commitment of these individuals as well as the enduring partnerships with the units, OCs and film distributors.


Students may also have the opportunity to gain key work experience through placements with our teams on BFBS bases, as well as tapping into our links with defence charities, suppliers and the wider media world. The British Government decided that within the British zone of Germany, families would accompany male civilian employees and armed forces personnel, and that an cjnema system similar to that in the Cine,a would be provided for all children up to the age of 18 years.

Clarion Events asked us to run their social media accounts for their flagship event. We always found things in the food, like bits of plastic and once metal in the sausages Caroline W.

It’s expected MODAL will be extended to other areas of the MOD across the three services, providing a state of the art Digital Asset Management System principally for video, but audio, still images and documents can also be handled.

Contact Us Get in touch cine,a discuss your requirements and discover how the Forces Broadcast Technology team can help you communicate and broadcast across the dinema, expand your reach and solve your problem.

SSVC – The Services Sound and Vision Corporation

Bad Salzuflen The school was open from ca. I remember the long bus journey.

On completion of this course, students may well find employment in the following areas: