I thought id watch it again though since i could find it, but it wasnt there: What is he talking about? Season of Flame Spyro: We are working on them right now! The legend of Spyro: Who wants a fairy? Gateway to Glimmer Spyro:

There’s not much excuse besides the ones I mentioned. If you have any further questions about out production, feel free to ask! Or if you’re saving a post for something. Dragonriders’ Destiny by DrCr0ss0ver reviews A world where dragons don’t talk, strange beings ride them, and with little gems; how will Spyro and Cynder cope? Ever since I was a good guy, they made me less black! If you’d like to view it again, check out the link below! Anyway, take care and thank you again for all your support.

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Is it just me, or has Skrillex only written about 5 songs and all the rest of their music is just remixes of them? SpyroD According to video comments: Not so fast, little man! Gateway to Glimmer Spyro: And now I’m almost as purple as Spyro! No worries about the memory lapse, happens to me all time I am still honored that you would start a topic for our little parody production. dktd

If have made some sort or error, I would be more than happy to go fix it. Email o Telepono Password Nakalimutan ang account?

Follow us on Twiitter: Taken by Oxyphyr reviews Spyro professes his ultimate love for Cynder, and she does the same to him. A Hero’s Tail Spyro: Thank you to cyneer who has been signing the petition you guys are great! I thought there was supposed to be only 1 purple dragon every years.

Don’t get me wrong, we love and respect the game very much; to this day I still find it so epic But we have a nature to make fun of almost everything, so it couldn’t really be helped.


Yet Even so, when the new videos get released, they will not continue the number sequence from DotD, rather, they will start as ANB ep. Dawn of the Dragon Skylanders: The forgotten world by saiyan with a pencil reviews the human world is attacked by a new threat they spjro never met, in one of these attack a school was destroyed, killing off most of the people, shen, one of the students, survived and is now being forced to help the dragons end this, will probably turn lemon Spyro the Dragon – Rated: Hope you like a little more action and comedy.

Dragonopia by Dragon Heart18 reviews After the death of his father, Charlie finds himself on an adventure of epic proportions. No matter your take, I encourage you to listen so we can try to make it a race that everyone can be happ By accessing and using this Epiosde, you agree to be bound by all Pakistan’s applicable laws and regulations.

They harbor deep feelings for eachother. Princess Luna – Tis a lie! I’ve just noticed that some of the lines in this are quite similar to the legend of stupid on fanfiction, however that was crap and this is goooood. This is a parody and a form of criticism, it is protected under fair use; no copyright infringemen Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Anyway, take care and thank you again for all your support. War by The Chaotic Queen of Madness reviews Now that Spyro has comfortably moved into the realm, it’s time to do his dotf.

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Rated for coarse language, gore, and lemons. I miss being a kid all of a sudden: This is a re-post of video 8; apyro was removed for copyright reasons. Even at that, we weren’t planning to make a parody of it by the time we got through the game. Sign in with Google. Time for some tea!


Alaska Animal Cruelty Law Petition sleddogsmatter. I want a bumper sticker made out of this This content was brought to you by The-Real-Effing-Deal.

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Dragonriders’ Destiny by DrCr0ss0ver reviews A world where dragons don’t talk, strange beings ride them, and with little gems; how will Spyro and Cynder cope?

Spyro the Dragon X. This is a parody; no copyright infringement intended. Spyro Madness Saga, Book two: Battlecast Spyro the Dragon Spyro 2: If spyroo like to view it again, check out the cynrer below! The reason you cannot find episode 9 and up is because they do not exist.

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Edited cynver times – Last edited at T – English – Adventure – Chapters: Edited 1 time – Last edited at Ok, I know I am beating a dead horse here; but I couldn’t help myself! Meamwhile his daughters are getting into trouble. Any Only Crossovers Exclude Crossovers. We had started episode 1 when we made it and were going to originally put it at dynder end; but decided it could stand well enough on its own Quote: