It can’t be denied… You two look good with each other… It is really obvious…” Kei and Hikari felt the blood rushed to their faces. He never wears his hair like this. It was Hikari’s lips that he was going to take so trying this again will be worth it. He actually smiled when he knew that her room was next to him but the young damsel was too busy appreciating the things in the hotel so she didn’t get the chance to glance at her partner’s rare smiles. She never knew that she will be the someone whom when Kei smiles, she will feel so much happiness. One of the best episodes ever! One of the better episodes this season. Yahiro looked at her and shrugged, “Ah… Dita-chan… I can’t believe you joined Fuka-chan in this nonsense harassment… You two can’t really do anything right in your lives huh…” Dita and Fuka’s expression turned bitterly upset, they want to slap Yahiro in the face but they know they can’t do that unless they want their family’s company to accomplish bankruptcy courtesy of the Saiga Corporation.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. We are going back today! Kei nodded and Hikari turned her back. Hikari also thought that Yahiro was getting a little too harsh, but she doesn’t bother to interfere. Her closed collar blouse didn’t hide the three hickeys in the part of her neck that was near her jaw line. But I did like being able to hear Megumi speak, plus she really can sing.

I couldn’t stop laughing XD This was one of my fav.

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Her expression became a mixture of guiltiness, embarrassment and annoyance, “What are you saying?! At least she thought that she felt the little pain for about eleven times.


She looked at herself to realize that she was indeed still in her dress and the whole time, she slept with her shoes still on her feet. She too didn’t have the chance to feed him. I am so hooked up with the feverish Kei that’s why I was so inspired to write takizhima

Megumi asks Yahiro out, claiming to have a crush on him, but he thinks there’s more to it and will only believe her if she can win a “game” where she must make him say he liked their date. Akira’s determination to protect her new friend, Yui, from Yahiro ends sock pushing Yui away instead. Kei looked at her with eyes full of love.

They stayed there for quite some time arguing with the useless thing while they stayed close with foreheads touching and arms wrapped around each other. She was always like this, caring, he thought. When Nakahara challenges the Special A, Hikari readily dpecial, only to find that it is intended for Ryuu in particular.

A head off to Hawaii for their summer vacation, but end up playing “family” to Chitose, the spoiled and demanding son of a client for Epsode family. This vendetta extends so far that Hikari has enrolled in all of the same schools as Kei, with the hope of finally beating him by becoming the Number 1 student. I have not read the manga but the one thing i have noticed that with the exception of Ryuu, everyone is getting hitched up.

The joke is on him as Hikari accepts and is determined to ensure that everyone has a good time. I didn’t see him with you today…”. Yahiro sat still in his seat with his book covering his face while muttering ‘oh brother…’ and Dita-chan and Fuka-chan sat there still frightened with the heir of Saiga Corporation. What could she be doing? She really is a good singer [: On the other hand, her partner just smirks at them.


Tomorrow will be another tiring day.

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Kei just smiled, a smile saying that what he had said was true and wasn’t the effect of something else. Megumi needs sikc more screentime, she’s awesome.

Before she can continue what she was going to say, she just realized that she just eat the same food in the same spoon episodee Kei used! She didn’t know what it was but it sure feels oddly… good.

Broadcast on Chiba TV began on 6 April and continued for 24 episodes, ending on 14 September She is so cute, he thought. C-Call me if you are done with the pants…” she stuttered. Hikari works all day trying as hard as she can to cook a superior meal. Everyone, including Yahiro and Sakura, overcome the obstacles standing in the way of reaching their friend.

You don’t want to be here? Quite funny as well Finally some focus on Megumi and Yahiro. She placed a hand on his forehead to feel it.

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But those rare sweet smiles of his never lie, so she was kind of sure that he was being sincere. He was still in his office suit except that the necktie was already loosened.

His blazer was buttoned, his pants are well-ironed, slecial will be shy to touch it, and his dark brown shoes are shiningly polished. Hikari’s face turned bright red.