Taking Tiberius and poisoning what he wanted most, recognition from his father and command, should continue to transform the character for the better. Laeta is still looking pretty and deserving better life: Maybe the actress choose not to return because she didn’t like where the new storyline would take her. Spartacus’s thirst for vengeance was not filled by the deaths of Batiatus and Glaber. Except for a few instances I rarely see him wielding two swords like Gannicus who always has a second sword with him. And last but not least, Spartacus, I am so frustrated that he did not himself pay more attention and put himself in charge of the city he led the rebellion to capture it. There were other alternatives though that weren’t as stupid as the recipe for dissent and chaos he came up with. But what Naevia claims is true for her and “her kind”.

And with that, the whole shebang came crashing down. But yeah, it’s dark and wears on you. Because people, these characters, are not inherently any better than one another – it’s just a matter of what they’re raised in and the new philosophies that pass in their time. Was this review helpful to you? Laeta will probably survive. Ceasar is great covert ops man in two days he’s manage to worm his way into Nemetes and will probably enter Crixus trusted councilors. Unleash comment and find it read. You know what bugged me about Caesar’s “test”.

Looks like Gannicus might pull it off though. In truth I predict Crixus will splinter off from Spartacus and march against Crassus and then they get ambushed and killed with Ceasar stabbing Crixus in the back claiming the Legio sword that Crixus took from Tiberius in Men of Honor. However, didn’t he decapitate the two roman generals with two swords in the first episode conclusion though.

Tiberius continues to improve as a character. Sorry but as long as he’s with Naevia my dislike of her is spreading to him. Only reason I think it might happen,is because they had feud from Blood and Sand,even though,now they are best friends.

It added new shades of empathy and fragility for a character previously defined almost exclusively by arrogance and an easy propensity for violence. It feels like a helluva lot more people got massacred. While Caesar looks incredibly cool in every scene, punching his way into the slave city, almost winning a fake sword fight with Gannicus, easily tricking dim-witted Nemetes into letting him in on things, the old reliable gladiators just look dumb and silly.


Crixus hints at splitting the rebel forces with his own group, which would be in keeping with history. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or seaxon to upload.

While Tiberius escapes this fate, his role in the death of his friend is a reminder of what Spartacus himself went through in Blood and Sandand how that experience changed him forever. With Spartacus ending, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Starz.

Spartacus Review, “Decimation

But keeping them in full view of the irate and bloodthirsty rebels while feeding them from the low supplies they had was never a good idea. I think we saw transformation If you think of it from a historical standpoint while watching it you will too frequently find yourself pointing at faults and inconsistencies.

Bringing in the more gentle character of Laeta actually probably has a lot to do with it. Crixis talks about brotherhood and the like, but he’s just one rung of selfishness below Ashur okay, maybe 2. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. To everyone I debated with in the last review over Naevia – You said that she was a dangerous liability and needed to ‘get over it’ whilst I had a ‘Spartacus’ moment and argued that she deserved sympathy for all she had suffered at the hands of the Romans.

BUT, if I remember correctly, when him, Crixus, and Gannicus went into the city from the start Spartacus only had one sword with him, and he didn’t pick up that second sword until right before he decapitated the generals.

A&V Stimuli: Spartacus: War of the Damned season review / Episode 4: “Decimation”

He will have to become them if he wants to beat them so the question is how badly does he want to beat them? Ddecimation the show writers have to introduce a flock of new characters, and they’re all Romans, and frankly they steal the show.


Now that you pointed it out I credit Gannicus for that. For example, you can’t use two swords when you’re riding a horse like he did in the opening scene. And who could disagree? The same things that make Spartacus the ideal man to lead a slave rebellion — his ambition and his idealism — are increasingly becoming what will doom his endeavour to failure.

After his speech about Romans never disobeying a commanders orders and setting an example, I thought he would go for the kill them all approach, which would be horrible but probably not be shown with any emotional impact, but rather just make Tiberius mad that he got publicly shamed by his father.

Finally a community of folks who take Spartacus as seriously as it deserves to be taken, having fun while doing so. Full Cast and Crew.


Spartacus does his usual boy-scout thing “don’t kill the Romans! Although Sinuesse’s food supplies are running out and Cilican pirate captain Heracleo can’t promise enough except wine even at premium prices, Spartacus orders to admit new slaves, after On both sides, even when violence may sometimes serve just ends, it reiew spawns new injustices of its own. Crassus is a brilliant man. How could he not know some of the Roman prisoners being celled underground as if he is the leader with utmost command, power and no fierce of anyone?.

It has helped me to decide how I feel about most of the characters in this last series: Would you kill a baby or a kid that is innocent? And there’s something about it all that seems less gratuitous sex and action, and more like history lesson. It’s not like they are using the Spartaxus as, ironically, slaves to do manual labour for them.

But the incident that incited the chaos sprang from shy, superfluous Sybil, in a reversal that surprised me perhaps more than it ought have. It is so grossly entertaining, yet can be so complex.