Not only usability but also “MOE” are taken care. It is already boring that just watching. And as you wait, enjoy the oversized screen showing a collection of 10 years of programs and songs such as OP and ED. For more details to see our official website. For more details to visit the special collaboration website. Inc is producing animation programs, goods and application!

We are happy to introduce our latest work to be released in April, at the booth. We plan to exhibit and sell the goods following works. We are introducing our new animation “Yuto-kun ga yuku “. Niconico is one of the most popular Japanese video sharing websites on which users can upload, share and view videos, and even stream live videos. Details will be announced on our website! On our booth, we are screening and exhibiting this year’s animation works. We provide various popular animation programs are enjoyed by persons of all ages all day everyday.

We are engaged in licensing Tezuka Osamu’s works for publishing, animation, character business, event and amusement park. Take the first step in your career as a voice-over professional! Please feel free to visit our booth!! Would you like to decorate your room with your favorite character?

ADK is undertaking over 12 animation programs time slots on TV every week. They have a lot of funny trap! Character Cake Shop AnimeSugar. When you come to the festival, be sure to make the Lawson booth one of your stops! For more details, please visit the following URL http: Announcement of latest information, a premium talk show of main casts are provided in our booth! Come to where the beat never stops.

Takasaki for more information and your meeting appointment. Please have an experience with ‘ita curtains’ and other ‘Ita interior accessories’. Visit Anime Mecca Tachikawa! We are planning, producing and sellling related goods of game and anime.


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Tentative Various works and items produced by Bandai Namco Group will be exhibited and held as stage events. We display the works of the graduate exhibition, the “animation of songs”, original drawings and background images and so on. Thank you for your support! Goods such as CDs will be sold! We will be screening promotion video of new animation program on the large screen, and distributing novelty of each animation program in our booth.

And we are giving the special goods to event attendees. See our homepage for details: We will be introducing a powerful fighting scene of “Kagyu-no kei” through the audio drama.

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We has produced a lot of quality graduate. We mainly propose and create the original woubi using our own material which are manufactured in Japan. Tachikawa has been recognized by tourist associations for its hospitality and its growing reputation as a center for animation. EM2 Record is an independent label specializing drama CD souhi girls. Visit us at our booth and meet Quebec’s animation companies.

Nerima is the birthplace of some of Japan’s top animation productions, and Nerima remains home to the largest number of companies related to the anime industry in Japan. Our school produces talent with soubo immediate skills to be active in their careers, thanks to our industry tie-ups and our team of teachers professionally active at the forefront of their fields.

Pierrot is an animation studio with 35 years of history. Don’t miss this great opportunity! Details will be uploaded following blog.

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We will be doing pre-sale of new anime goods! We cover a broad range of business not only producing and distributing films, sohbi also producing and selling TV animation programs.


We make anime and video game anthologies and fan books as well. On our booth, we are screening and exhibiting this year’s animation works. We will do mainly selling goods of a new work “Amazing Twins” and introducing latest animation films produced and released by Shochiku coming out in Tachikawa features many attractive environments such as a huge park and vast emergency evacuation centers.

We continue to be more active than ever and aim to satisfy your programming needs with our voluminous program lineups! It is already boring that just watching. And we will receive requests too, please visit our booth!! In addition to offering goods such as “Nendoroid Asuna: We are looking forward to seeing you with our latest goods and PV. For more details to see our official website. We plan to prepare a lot of pre-sale goods! Nanto is also home to Johana, a beautiful town nicknamed “Little Kyoto,” in addition to other fascinating towns and villages.

We will be selling AJ official goods. And as you wait, enjoy the oversized screen showing inddou collection of 10 years of programs and songs such as OP and ED.

We have six courses of study including animation, manga, game, illustration, movie and design at the Shinjuku campus in Tokyo. Please stop by and enjoy our booth. At the booth, we will be indlu the result of the first competition which is held last year, and local competitions on this year as exhibition panel and hand out.