I watched this last night and I liked it. Based on a novel by Ichikawa Takuji, Sono Toki wa Kare ni Yoroshiku is a quintessential pure love film, with a moving storyline and subtle performances from the leads and supporting cast. Satoshi Toyama Masami Nagasawa I like how casted Nagasawa Masami? Say Hello for Me 6. Oh, I’m very sorry but the ourhour page you posted up there is locked now. Add the first question.

I saw this movie yesterday night and I loved it. For a non-Masami fan like me, this movie changed my whole opinion of her. As clueless as ever, it takes some time before Satoshi realizes that she is actually his childhood friend and first crush Karin. Ikuo Matsuoka Masaya Kikawada She is shocked when he reveals who he is – Hiro, a delinquent attending her school. The Fangirl Verdict Completely biased reviews and fangirling. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

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Wouldn’t expect anything less from Ichikawa Takuji. Sky of Love Momoka Katsuragi Fumiyo Kohinata Audible Download Audio Books.

Karin is ill and she knows she doesn’t have much time left, therefore she shows up to see Satoshi for the last time. Takayuki Natsume Keiko Kitagawa My tears was all worth it because the ending was much to my likeness. Learn more More Like This. Be with You By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, The Fangirl Verdict Completely biased reviews and fangirling. Also plenty experienced is first-time film director Hirakawa Yuichiro, whose television resume includes Sailor Suit and Machine Gun and Crying out Love, in the Center of the World, which starred Nagasawa and Yamada, respectively.


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One day, a beautiful young model Nagasawa Masami shows up at his steps asking for a job. Satoshi Toyama Masami Nagasawa The child actors was also excellent, and so is the music.

Misaki Shibata Emi Wakui I would totally recommend this movie to all melodrama lover. Posted March 10, Gentle, moving and meaningful, that what love is in “Say hello for me”. The night Karin sleeps, he wakes up.

I’m not going to say if it’s a sad or happy ending. A romantic love story of Satoshi, Karin and Yuji – who were friends in their childhood and suddenly bump back into each others’ life after 13 years of parted away.

Posted January 5, Add and Subtract Game. You are commenting using your WordPress. Crying Out Love in the Center of the World Quiet, earnest, and a bit nerdy, Toyama Satoshi Yamada Takayuki runs a marine plants store where he can indulge in his love for aquatic vegetation. What really separates this movie from the rest though, is that a traditional Hollywood happy ending is used jaoanese the very first time.


Sono toki wa Kare ni Yoroshiku: Say Hello for me (Japanese Movie 2007)

Ken and Rei have been friends since childhood. Those are just a few spoilers. His character there was a high school kid and they made him look so young, while in this movie he was so mature looking and was too different in character.

Gathering up all his courage, he A salesman named Kosuke Okuda happens to meet Mao Watarai,a friend from his middle school days. Notify me of new posts via email. The Girl in the Sun I personally thought it was really good.

The last 20 minutes of this movie was designed and executed exceptionally well through twists, which turned out to be practically abuse of the fact that jappanese Japanese love stories of this kind japaneze in tragedy.