Thanks for the comment Debora. Retrieved 23 May Ohnmar August 11, 4: This is important because Harry is associating the snow with happy times as he also does at the end of the story. The vultures and hyena who have been awaiting Harry’s death leave and never return. Much like Tolstoy’s character, Ivan Ilych, Harry too has squandered his time and talent.

With the exception of the last flashback Harry has not really done what he could have done writing. Harry’s bartender suggests that the leopard ended up there as he was on a false scent and became lost, but Harry takes Helen on a safari to Kenya to learn the answer of the riddle. He knew at least twenty good stories from out there and he had never written one. Just click the “Edit page” button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. Can you tell me who is the protagonist vs antagonist? Linus December 19, While there does not appear to be an antagonist.

Could you kindly explain to me about the language, literary style, and devices that the author used in this story? Which again suggests that Harry is thinking of someone else.

In the fourth flashback we have the theme of misguided loyalty. The fact that Harry believes he is going to Heaven.

Thanks for the comment Meredith. So I would be unsure as to how chance and coincidence would play a part in the story.

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Just because of the redeeming qualities of the last flashback and not what happened in the others? Some readers will consider the plot to be far fetched and not plausible considering that Harry may possibly be delusional at the end of the story particularly considering that he thinks he is on his way to Heaven.


Views Read Edit View history. Many readers have seen Harry as a self-portrait of Hemingway himself. The loss of mobility brings self-reflection. Previously they had been flying around the camp, circling Harry but now they sense that Harry is near his death and are comfortable sitting around the camp, closer to Harry. Harry also redeems himself when he decides not to tell Helen that he never loved her, in essence he is thinking about someone else, just like he did with Williamson.

Harry dreams that it is morning, and that a man called Compton has come with a plane to rescue him. The sense of relief he feels at the end of the story is euphoric. The Collected Stories Harry returns to Paris. Dermot Post Author September 20, Dermot Post Author October 11, 3: Does milimanjaro man, Harry, have more control in their relationship, or does Helen?

Helen is acting selfishly thinking only of herself and her future. Dermot Post Author December 15, Thanks for the comment Linus. He senses the heavy presence of death. Thanks for the comment Debora. This is important because Harry is associating the snow with happy times as he also does at the end of the story. Quote one of the sentences from the story that you found particularly memorable, and why you found it memorable.

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Hard-boiled Fiction and Film Noir. His neglected wife Helen tends to his wounds, listens to his ranting, endures his kilimnjaro of lost loves, and tries to restore in him the will to fight his illness until help arrives. Gangrene develops in his right leg. Hemingway may be suggesting that summary individual should do what they can when they can or follow their dreams.


Thanks for your kind explanation!!! Young July 30, 6: Writer Harry Street reflects on his life as he lies dying from an infection while on safari in the shadow of Mount Kilamanjaro. The people he kilumanjaro now were all much more comfortable when he did not work. It is only then is he being true to himself as a writer.

Oldies make their DVD debut”. The rotting leg has an awful stench but Harry denies any pain or horror. No one has explained what the leopard was seeking at that altitude. Harry reminisces about the people and places in his past. He is lifted onto the plane which has space only for him and the pilot kilimanjsro watches the landscape go by beneath him.

Thank you very much Dermot. Summary Harry is a writer on safari in Africa with his wife, Helen.

Though she is dead Cynthia continues to haunt Street’s thoughts. He recalls his love affair with Cynthia Green who he met in Paris. The Snows of Kilimanjaro Lobby Card. Each flashback has a theme. The New York Times. Anny December 15, 6: He’s returned to Africa to solve his life’s riddle, of whether he has taken the wrong path and if he can again find his way.

Helen discovers that her husband has died in his sleep. To again see how he is thinking.

I think that Harry comes to accept the fact that he is dying when he believes he is flying towards Heaven.