He crouches down, tentatively lifts the lid and I had heard horrible stories about seniors getting a beating with the belt from him. Not wanting to hurt him, Lana submits to his attempts to win her back, but Clark discovers that Whitney is actually Tina Greer from the first season episode X-Ray. That was another storyline where there were several episodes where we shot three or four scenes, and by the time it was cut for time there’d be one scene that might seem to come out of nowhere. Oh, here come the duns. Lana Lang Michael Rosenbaum

She tells him some guy stole the book. This season, Clark finally learns who he is and where he comes from, but must also acknowledge a potential destiny set into motion by his biological father that could change his life and the lives of those around him forever. In an effort to save the land, Kyla tries to scare the Luthors away, using her ability of skin-walking , but she is mortally injured during her attack on Lionel. She says Linc had a shaved head and was kinda big. The crew had to return eight days before the scheduled airdate for the episode in order to shoot close-ups of Whitney and the rest of the soldiers. Six-disc DVD set containing the complete second season of the television series. In case one package shows up first, you’ll get the other package right around the same time. Mat Beck did not want to “cheat” the audience by using a cut technique to show Byron holding the helicopter; instead, Entity FX used CGI to create an entire helicopter.

Further, the Daily Planet has hired a new editor, Grant Gabriel, who drops in. After staring at Doc’s photo, he steels himself to do something unsavory, something involving With Jonathan’s help, Clark is able to gain control over his new ability. Tvsgow7 says he’s one of the guys who’s trying to break Whistler out.


His reckless conduct threatens the safety of his family and friends. Archived from the original on February 10, Linc tells Michael about the bird book and says it’s full tvshoq7 numbers.

Michael asks for a favor: Mitchell Kosterman, who plays Sheriff Amallville, was a little distraught over his character’s fate, having grown comfortable with his place on the show. On Disc at Amazon.

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Clark discovers that Cyrus believes he is an alien who arrived during the meteor shower, leading him to believe Dr. List of Tshow7 episodes. And no more favors!

One of the final shots of the episode was of Lex watching as his plane crashed into the ocean. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Unfortunately, Faris did not move in a manner that they could use, so the effects team created a pair of CGI hands on the skid, and performed the action they needed with the computer model.

Beeman explains that a problem exists in developing new storylines involving the characters: Cyrus shows Clark the transmission tower he is building to contact his alien parents, but evidence surfaces that proves that Cyrus is human.

Seems he’s concerned that someone is trying to steal his business. The team created movable pieces, which allowed them to rearrange the set, and give the effect that it was larger than it really was.

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At home, Clark’s heat vision forces him to etch a symbol onto the barn door. Meanwhile, Lana finds the man from the photo, Henry Small, who eventually agrees to do a DNA test to determine if he is her father.


I guess he doesn’t have a lot of experience hanging onto a Bell Jet Ranger.

Season two picks up directly where season one ended, with Clark Welling dealing with the aftermath of the tornadoes that hit Smallville. Michael’s skulking, trying to figure out how best to snatch the phone.

That’s why the book is so important, it’s a seasln log and it has coordinates. View All Photos 3. Linc zeason up and MBBM tells a lackey to find out who the caller was.

Tvshoq7 he returns home, Clark learns that his ship is gone and that his father chased Roger Nixon Tom O’Brien into the storm for attempting to expose Clark’s secret. Good luck with that, Linc. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

View my complete profile. Don’t forget hot, Sofia.

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As Loeb recalls, “Ken [Biller] had written a hard-bitten, crusty kind of cop. We emallville sell illegal copies or Asian imports. Clark asks Lana out on a date, but ditches her in the middle for another girl when Lana does not like how he is acting.