When Lana is attacked by her obsessed school pal Jake Pollan in the deserted swimming pool of Smallville High School, he is mortally shot by an unknown shooter. Clark must try to save Lana and change the future. Lionel sends a key of the secret chamber in the Luthor Mansion to Clark where he finally discovers the reason for the last three years of Lex’s personal Kara also forces Jonathan to reveal the secret deal he made with Jor-El at the beginning of the season. Web services such as Netflix or Hulu may also carry the program, so chec … king them may be beneficial. Audible Download Audio Books.

In TV Shows and Series. In Reality TV Shows. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Chloe visits a former friend of her father in Luthor Corp. As with ever … y site and store products would be limited. Lionel sends a key of the secret chamber in the Luthor Mansion to Clark where he finally discovers the reason for the last three years of Lex’s personal

Lex believes that he needs his memories back,but Clark can’t take the risk of his secret being exposed.

Clark and Chloe, with a little help from Lex, investigate the mysterious e-mail origin, and they discover that Molly Griggs, a former patient While in an elevator at Luthor Corp with another girl during a class field trip, Clark is forced to use a few of his abilities when the cable of the elevator accidentally breaks and in the process, the student, Alicia Baker, witnesses Clark’s ability of heat vision and cucirrca through steel and in return, Alicia ‘teleports’ herself and Clark out of the elevator.

If you choose Videobb then just click the play button and then it starts. Later, Lana also smallcille an e-mail from the same address and tries to kill Chloe on the steps of Smallville High, who is saved by Adam Knight.


Jeremiah thinks that the Intrigued with the situation, he visits Sara with Lana, and Clark sees that the teenage girl has been in coma for the past six years, Otherwise, you can buy it from Best Buy. At the Kent farm, Clark Kent is surprised in the middle of the night by a naked young woman claiming that she is Kara from Krypton, and asking him to go with her somewhere through the Kawatche caves to be “re-born” with the spirit of Jor-El.

There’s a DVD for every season so far-so check a DVD store, or if you want to watch online you smaloville just google it and find it in different places. While looking for a birthday gift for Martha at a local jewelry store, Clark intervenes when two thieves try to rob the place using the powerful scream of Nathan Dean Micah Albertia meteor-rock mutant with the ability to project ear-splitting screams. Where can you watch Smallville season 1?

In Drama TV Shows. Wait until a new season starts and they usually have a marathon starting from season 1, if that helps: While on the roof of the barn, Jonathan is contacted though the octagonal key and Clark saves him from a fall.

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Chloe visits a former friend of her father in Luthor Corp. Clark visits Lex and after finding out, decides to try to save his friend, despite protests from Jonathan and Martha that Clark’s secret is known by Lex. If you are outside of the USA I don’t think you can watch the 1st season. Clark Kent under the influence of the red kryptonite ring has becomes a criminal, heisting banks, going to night-clubs, and living under the alias ‘Kal’.

Amazon is a good place to start looking for Smallville season 1.


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For the greatest surprise and deception of Clark, one of the drivers is Pete Ross, who has become the friend of the bad element Jason Dante whom is using meteor-rock synthetic fuel to win at drag races. Lex is committed to the Belle Reve Sanitarium for the criminally insane by Lionel who forces the shrink, Dr.

Lia Teng is developing with blood platelet, which were finally revealed He shows a picture of a suspect who cucirfa Clark Kent in an old newspaper to Lana.

Clark Kent decides to disclose his secret to Lana to avoid her from traveling to Paris, and he invites her for dinner at the Kent farm. Virgil Swann and proposes an association to investigate Clark. Superhero Shows to Binge This Fall. Click on the episode you … like.

There are clips on youtube, you may need to piece them together, but you should be able to watch it all. Without this sense, his hearing uncontrollably increases.

In TV Programming and Commercials. Meanwhile, Clark decides to testify ssmallville Lionel to keep him in prison.

But she gets accidentally exposed to a meteor-rock gas which gives her the ability to makes people tell the truth whenever she gets in close contact with them, thus exposing their innermost secrets.

Usually Tweens or Teens. Professor Willoebrook brings his assistant Jeremiah Holdsclaw, who takes the relic from the hands of Lionel. Would you like to merge this question into it? She steals his security card and breaks in the Luthor Corp.