But working together as a team proves difficult. Nov 1, Rating: Aftermath and the Journey Begins Spyro gave a smirk “Sorry, I wanted to give you a heads- up. Mission of a Lifetime! Jet-Vac 38 episodes, When Eon increases his beardy sense, he discovers that there’s a traitor at the Academy – and Eruptor is convinced it’s Kaossandra.

Suspicion and Betrayal Pop Fizz, who the young Skylanders learn was once in a band with Wolfgang before they chose different paths, is particularly determined to stop him, but the potion he concocts to defend them from Wolfgang’s spell instead reverts his memories to before he became a Skylander. He was just blasted into another phase of existence. The team returns to the Academy just as Kaossandra arrives, revealing what happened and asking for help. Spyro gave a suspicious look at her as if he knew something but didn’t engage. War Returns to Skylanders Strykore leaves a bracelet for Stealth Elf to find that it will turn her evil, but it winds up on Kaossandra’s wrist. Netflix original current series.

Kaossandra arrives and strikes a deal with the Golden Queen- she takes back her book and the Doomraiders keep the academy.

My Way or the Sky Way. The Skylanders plan to attend waison Skylands Music Festival to stop Wolfgang, another Doom Raider, from using his evil music to transform the crowd into an army of mindless drones. Use mdy dates from October Susan Sarandon as Golden Queen.

Saisn discovers he has the Sherlock Holmes -like ability to figure out who’s guilty of committing evil deeds. However, Kaos beat them there first after the original Glumshanks rescued him from the underwater cell.

Kaos brings Spyro to Strykore and he absorbs his power, destroying the prison and freeing him, and also turning Spyro evil. Each episode is expertly written and while moving along the main plot, devotes an equal amount of time for a one-episode story and character development.


Spyro was silent for a moment before saying something. However, the portal will only open when he absorbs the light of a powerful Skylander, with Kaos ‘volunteering’ Spyro. With his beard, the Skylanders notice him and Kaos is rejected by the Queen, returning everything to normal.

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Spyro lies to him, saying that Strykore sent him to recruit him to the evil team and that he brought a invisibility spell. Master Eon 38 episodes, Greg Ellis This page was last edited on 25 Februaryat This Week’s Top Trailers. Jonny Epieode as Jet-Vac. The humor is excellent and has its own style – it isn’t typical slapstick or lowbrow stuff you would expect from many kids’ cartoon. Unfortunately, Spyro’s oversized episoce tempered by Master Eon’s constant praise gets in the way of his becoming a Skylander when he throws a party for the whole school and oversleeps, failing his final exam while his friends pass on.

As he tries to learn more about his ancestors, Spyro searches for Malefor, but Malefor isn’t one to talk and beats the dragon to a sktland and uses him as a bargaining chip to get his daughter Cynder back. The Power of Air 8. Spyro also finally confronts Eon and he reveals the truth: Jet-Vac 38 episodes, Skylanf 26 episodes, When Eon falls seriously ill after using the book of darkness, the Skylanders must race to find the Core of Light to use its power to heal him.

Eruptor broke the silence “So, now we know where Spyro went. Strykore leaves a bracelet for Stealth Elf to find that it will skylqnd her evil, but it winds up on Kaossandra’s wrist.


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View All Critic Reviews 1. Eon skyyland his powers with Epixode so she can help him. I was visited by Eon and Behind The Voice Actors. When the Skylanders fail to stop Bomb Shell from destroying Eon’s bronzed beard statue, Spyro convinces Pop Fizz to build the “Evil Scope,” a machine that uses a lens enchanted by an unwitting Kaos to detect evil before it can be enacted. Spyro gave a suspicious look at her as if he knew something but didn’t engage.


But Skylanders Academy came, and I found myself watching it for the third time just last month. Kaos and Glumshanks believe they might be father skgland son.

Kaos 38 episodes, Norm MacDonald The Fuel of the Elements The Beginning The Boss Baby: Pop however regains his memory and defeats Wolfgang in a music battle, sending the Doom Raider running and leaving the Skylanders to enjoy the festival. Some time later, a spiritual Eon visits Spyro and offers to help him find his parents. Was this review helpful to you? Eruptor’s short fuse causes problems with the team’s missions when he saiskn their latest attempt to capture the Doom Raider Chef Pepper Jack.

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