I wanted it to be too good, I guess. Everything is moving along so fast but the good guys are still getting played That alone will be a great solace to me. I will no longer live thinking of you. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I salute LJK a lot for this, and dunno whether other actor can make YK’s alive as electric as he does. He seemed to improved a lot with Arang and the Magistrate and got better with Scholar Who Walks the Night He had plenty of chances to practice in that one. Which somehow conveniently coincided with the assassins attack.

It is not worth it for me to finish the show. The Sugus won in the short therm, and in doing so, they lost in the long run, as Korean monarchy did. Thanks for the finale recaps, jb! I marathoned JG and do not regret it. Rang clings to her aunt while Woo-young screams in protest, but the officers wrench the girl away and carry her off. Download the latest version here. So the prince is hiding Deok-pal, and the frequently absent Jang-geum must be tending to him.

I’m glad there was a happy ending as well, and I concur wholheartedly with everything you said about LJK.

SINOPSIS Mandate of Heaven Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

My heart dropped when she got shot. I’ve only seen him in Reply since then, but I might start watching Mandate of Heaven just for him. Such as sinopwis “pathethic” defense you mentioned. Soo-in takes his hand and promises to wait with him. I know too well that in this kind of situation, remaining alive is even harder than dying.

She falls back in shock. I was so afraid Yoon Kang and Soo In would not be able to get out of this alive but thankfully, they did. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Joseln at least try to.

Sinopsis “Mandate of Heaven: The Fugitive of Joseon” All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

I still thinks Arang and the Magistrate was the best drama TV show he acted in. All of us know how Choi is,Seriously did you expect him to leave and come back after years of plotting another conflict?

I really think he has a strong chance on winning the Daesang at Kbs Drama Awards! Gawsh he is such a bad kisser! I was praying throughout that Soo Sinopsiz will not die. Before Yoon-kang can stop him, he charges jsoeon toward the enemy line, gun blazing.


Sinopsis “Mandate of Heaven: The Fugitive of Joseon” All Episodes

He never disappointed me. Yes, I do think there were some gaps. Well, for me, JG is one show that I will gladly rewatch. She’s so sincere and he is so affected by that. I was shocked and grossed out that Won took wasp stings to his face just to disguise it! At least Chun-bong is on hand to offer a potion to counter the stinger poison, warning him to take it within the necessary time frame to be effective.

When I watched the first episode,I thought I got it all predicted,which is to expect one of the leading characters dead,cause that’s how most korean series are,but surprisingly that’s not what happened,which I’m happy about and for Choi,I don’t see any fault in his death because the daughter he loves most is gone,which is exactly the toppest reason he is fighting to stay alive and suppose he didn’t kill himself what do you think will happen to him,he just wouldn’t be able to live with himself with the pain of his daughter’s death and I’m sure yoon kang refused to kill him not just because he wouldn’t get anything out of revenge but because he knows eventually Choi will kill himself.

Urging the other two on first, Yoon-kang insists on staying behind, even when Sang-chu tells Yoon-kang to go on without him lest they both die.

Spotted by a gang of lecherous men, she makes easy prey. So then they will be criticized from the people in Korea Thank you for the recap and keep up the great work. Of course he was devastated by the death of this daughter and his role in it, but he hates Yoon-Kang so much. Your email address will not be published. Thank you for the recaps Javabeans! I’m glad they took the little orphan boy from the mines with them.

Which reminded me of an earlier question I had. Ratings-wise, the drama maintained a first-place ranking for almost all of its episodes and ended on a high point with She lets the shifty businessman talk her into renting an empty storefront, and the transaction lands them both in jail because the property has been seized by the government. They decide to drop by the temple to check on Yeon-ha and Je-mi, but when they arrive they hear that troops forced their way in and dragged everybody off, including the monks.


This is one show that i found quite a few episodes that are so tension filled that i had a hard time watching as it retches up my pulse! When she smiles I smile, when she tears up, I teared up! Too cute for words!

And yes, that was one hot kiss. Won readies himself to charge, but thankfully the arrival of the prince outside means the eunuch has to skitter off before he can finish the job. And of course, watching Lee Joon Gi is always a pleasure, at least for me. I found the ending very satisfying and overall I enjoyed this drama. He could make a filthy wrinkled burlap sack look like high fashion.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Romance Is a Bonus Book: You’re also a jpseon man who was born in the wrong time.

Da-in speaks up with a plan of her own: Da-in takes a full moment to recognize Won, and he presses her to see Deok-pal. Overall, I think they did a good job and didn’t go overboard with the distraction of politics or delving into too many fugitove characters’ stories. I’m really enjoying the dynamics of Woo-young and Jung-hwan’s relationship it could be story in itself. So the prince is hiding Deok-pal, and the frequently absent Jang-geum must be tending to him.

I liked the show very much until the last few episodes. Fun-Lugha September 5, at Chun-bong presides over a meeting of his own, this time with fellow followers of their old teacher Jo Episkde.

Bullets rip into him, and he goes down.

And Choi was one of the most complex villains I have seen in a long time. I would rather see that they try to live a peaceful life after all that blood and death then him risking his life again for her to worry.