Puss manipulates Mary to start working as a prostitute when she turns 18, mocking her for her privileged upbringing and implying she thinks she is better than her friends at the brothel. Not that he held her as a hostage when they were kids because he had something against her, but it just made the situation more interesting to me. I’m with you vasisht when it comes to Moo-yeon. Go to the village!! I am relishing this show and I am incredibly surprised at comments calling it a mess or a bore. I’m just enjoying the show, and hope that the OTP gets a happy ending, with a nice redemption arc for Moo-yeon — because his sister has already suffered enough. Mike, who has a criminal record for cocaine possession, eventually agrees to take a DNA test.

Robin, though, realises the dead girl was acting as a surrogate mother, changing the course of the investigation. Also, that scene with Yul in his prince outfit with Hongshim sitting in front of him in what appears to be his hallucination seems super ominous, which is why I fear for a tragic ending to our OTP. Btw their relationship is too complicated for them to solve all their problems easily without a separation first, I’m afraid Just commenting on how he was being bulldozed into becoming king. A Police Procedural, Masterfully Made”. Nico Ishk October 5, at

I don’t recall the rest of the cast, but I’ve heard great things about the show.

Mary is aggressively rebelling and openly hostile against her adoptive parents, Pyke and Julia, who are getting a divorce after Julia came out as a lesbian. The royal house of Joseon will always belong to one family.

The depleting user ratings also show that most beanies are losing interest in the drama so if I’m calling a boring drama boring it must be true. There were also some less positive reviews.


Yul treats Seowon kindly, and Seowon assists Yul in ruling the country once he grows up. Mike, who has a criminal record for cocaine possession, eventually agrees to take a DNA test. Even though I knew something bad was going to happen to Moo Yeon, I wasn’t prepared for the arrow to the chest. Robin believes that China Girl was acting as an illegal surrogate, as the law states surrogates must be over 25 and have already had a child of their own, and thus the biological parents were working outside the normal system.

Yes she and Mooyeon have done stuff that would render a happy ending impossible for them and the kiddo but they are also victims of their birth. I think he should be the one to take down his boss to save Yul so he can be pardoned. However, love is forbidden for these two, who must pass as cousins Usually for me though they’ve already aired so I can just skip my way through lol.

Yeah I can’t get behind the king either.

Best Actress — Miniseries or Television Film. Elisabeth Moss plays the central role of Robin Griffin, a Sydney detective specialising in sexual assault, in both series. I think you’d really enjoy writer Jung Ha-yeon’s sageuks. Mwahahaha, the irony is sooo good. Miranda moves in to check his pulse. I swear there were some other moments too that seemed a little bit out of consistency so, I really hope they better these things!

That’s a stupid argument. My Girl Filipino remake. Most people these days watch dramas for their bias and rarely for the plot because all kdrama plot is recycled.


SINOPSIS Golden Rainbow Episode 1 – 40 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Rinbow says she is afraid and he hits her in the face. Town Official Park tells Yul to make glue for the new wallpaper, and he insists that Hong-shim go with him. Why do you think Lelly’s being defensive? It occurs to me that if Minister of the Left Kim goes down for treason, Princess will end up being a slave, and 3 generations of males rainbbow the family will be wiped out.

Rainbow sweetheart

Brett, a socially awkward university student who frequents brothels, worries because he can’t find a prostitute named Cinnamon, whom he believes is his girlfriend. He is a master at interpreting history reading between the lines and humanizing characters.

I like the villagers. I think that’s part of the reason why I’m rooting for So-hye to live. I don’t think there was much written about women back then. Views Read Edit View history. Romance Is a Bonus Book: I’d love to see more of him in lead roles. Moo Yeon knew too much. It’s just about preference, in the end He relies on her future child to be the heir to keep the status quo. Bagaimana menurut anda sinopsis film seri di atas?

Brett, armed with a rifle, shows up at the brothel and demands to see Puss.