Dude, where were you when your boss was driving on pain killers? That jerk is still puzzled when he comes home. Really interested to check it out after watching ‘That winter’. Which brings another question: I mean, there’s blunt force trauma, but it’s not exactly subtle. So that combined with JS having to suffer watching hee Sun run thru flirtations equals he’s paying his betrayal dues so hello they are dead too.

Beautiful settings and looks, characters with deep scars and flaws. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. Fidelity April 5, at 7: Thanks for the recap. I’m with you– this would have been a wonderful drama if the writers hadn’t given up on the characters towards the end: And then i realized, she was only recuperating possibly and thus through her eyes, things are still blurry. She died at age eighty-five. And HeadsNo2, thank you, once again, for not squandering your gift and for so generously sharing it with us.

I just finished the manhwa around last year and my friend just ask about this drama again.


But I can’t deny how much I enjoyed looking at these ridiculously good-looking couple. So next in line to the throne is still Shin.

And why can’t she has a beautiful long hair after the brain surgery and chemo?. For taking the time to actually write it out or type it out in this case.

Soo falls to the ground with his hand holding his bleeding gut. I see that as a sign that they are now in heaven-finally away from all the pain and suffering that tormented both while they were alive. The male protagonist is a con-man in some sorts. Like you say, she made Young blind!


Is he a chef and a painter eisode the end of the show?! NHK stay true to the japanese drama, so the stabbing scene is actually in the jdrma version too, so I don’t think they just copied nice guy, maybe it’s the other way around. Is this another instance of Drama Syndrome, where characters would sinopsia undergo pain and irreparable harm than do something logical?


Alpha Beta April 5, at 2: She surprised to see him but is friendly.

In the meantime, Young gets wheeled in for surgery. According to me oh yongi and oh so dead, and it is a utopian ending oh so. It was so slow and we were made to think that OS died, because JS didn’t seem to do anything to help him and yet, he didn’t gut him a 2nd time, which seems like he wanted him to live. It’s not an explanation for anything, but it’s a thought. So that combined with JS having to suffer watching hee Sun run thru flirtations equals he’s paying his betrayal dues so hello they are dead too.

Lawyer Jang finds Secretary Wang einopsis the countryside, where she watches her elderly parents from afar.

That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episode 16 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I’m in dramaland and i want the happy ending of course. And we see her see the boy’s hand and pat it.

It was only in the last episode where the drama hinted at how he likes to cook. Another obvious thing was the discussion between jin sung and jung eun, they were obviously reffering to his grave I agree with you Canxi. This is going to be in my all time fav list. The use of soft-focus lens didn’t seem to mesh well with the story-telling part. Wang was forgiven so easily. She did do the across-wrist cut. Hope to read more of your future takes on future dramas.


SINOPSIS Princess Hours Episode 1 – 24 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Similarly, in Goodbye Solo, NHK gradually gets you into the head and the heart of each character– you may not like some of the characters or their actions, but you’ll understand where they’re coming from. Soo died first bc he got stabbed which is why he is at the restaurant “6 months before” waiting for her. Shukmeister April 8, at The plane has left and Joon-sang is gone. I felt that the plot and the characterizations started to fall apart in the last episodes.

As with Sec Wang, I totally get the wholw”so despereate to be a mom that she goes batshit crazy and blinds the child” BUT come on- how does that make her the best-suited person to care for Young???

I agree with Hannah — the flowers were a continual peace offering and the weirdly beautiful blurriness was Young’s pov.

It always leaves room for your interpretation, as shown here by the comments. There is no image of Eiffel to be found in this drama. Hannah April 4, at 9: Thank you all, and thank you HeadsNo2 for your recaps.

I think the idea of ”the best friend as a traitor” does make sense in this plot.

It being a cry for help doesn’t make her suicide attempt less legitimate or fake in any way. Indeed, I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it houre way.