From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 11 January The writer keep making excuses to extend the story. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. King of Ambition Hangul: Only the Empress Qi had a good beginning, exciting build up and suitable ending. Seoul International Drama Awards. How the hell did that happen?

Retrieved 8 December Sometimes they even forgot what they have done in the middle of the story and just end without connection to the story itself. I think Da Hae was the bad lead girl who had the more merciful ending. Promotional poster for King of Ambition. How the hell did that happen? I guess you’ll understand I feel like for such a drama to end this way, It’s such a bittersweet taste.

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He confronts Da-hae for killing his father and when she kinb to it he tries to run her over. Or got Da Hae survived the accident and end up in jail, to be more realistic considering how the story was built up.

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Ten years later, Ha Ryu runs into Da-hae again. The actors are fine, the film in general is good, but the story failed me.

He looks at the portrait Eun-Byul drew and thinks about all he has lost trying to pursue revenge. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Retrieved from ” https: But over time Da-hae changes. Retrieved 20 April Her step brother finally learnt the truth of his father’s death and how Joo Da Hae killed him. The building of the characters and the story is good. About Enable Javascript to get full functionality of this shoutbox. He should have left it where the two bodies lies unconscious, then cut, then the scene continue with Ha Ryu in hospital, then found out later that Da Hae died and the story slowly concludes.


I didn’t see Joo Da Hae’s ambition as ambition, I thought she was a money grabbing, social climbing bitch murderer sonopsis the drama was about Ha Ryu’s revenge.

Mondays and Tuesdays at Follow Me youtube facebook twitter instagram pinterest Instagram Keto. Even when she frames him for a murder, he tries to understand her. He got his revenge by running her over but dumb Ha Ryu was there to take the hit with her. She was basically dead and let her ambition control her. I loved this drama.


I just got sick of it. Sinopsis Queen of Ambition Episode 11 part 1part 2. I kept asking myself how did this just happen. Then they both pass out and end up in hospital beds.

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Retrieved 11 April Having watched the end, i feel like I was watching this drama entirely wrong. It was about Joo Da Hae and this ending really makes sihopsis clear. I was dead wrong. I have seen hundreds of Korean series but so far only few passed my standard.


Joo Da Hae is one calculating bitch. Retrieved 5 June Queen of Ambition Episode 24 7. Mnet 20’s Choice Awards.

All the other characters who are supposed to be powerful just stood by doing nothing to help the story. Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love. I think Da Hae was the bad lead girl who had the more merciful ending. The writer wants to over dramatised with unsupported twist at the end. Sinopsis Queen epiaode Ambition Episode 6 part 1part 2. Archived from the original on 26 December Sinopsis Queen of Ambition Episode 12 part 1part 2.

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Da-hae, still conscious, cries and apologizes to a severely injured Ha Ryu. Sinopsis Queen of Ambition Episode 9 part 1part 2.