But he still has no idea on the things that she has sacrificed for him over the years. Keberuntungan Salwa membuat Lara iri dan dengki terhadapnya. She tells him that she only wants one thing: But this time, he not only catches her from another risky fall but also saves them both from turning back on the strong bond that they have had from the very start. If you were feeling sorry for Jong-seok, you can stop now. Hen then places a ring in her hand.

Ina Rosamaya Luisa Kuilok. Trying to write the name of that person proves to be too much stress for him as it causes him to have a fatal attack which leads to his death. To her shock however, his whole family comes to attend the occasion including her much-hated rival, Marlene. The fact that Ramon has found an alibi with the help of Greta compels her to keep her mouth shut for now. Sofia says that their child has died. Though Audrey has still refused to get back with Dave, he at least feels better now because she has forgiven him.

Sofia says that when Evan does find out later, not to involve her name! But then JR assures her that he would provide for her and her family once they are married. Sinopsis Kemilau Cinta Kamila 3 Episode global: If you were feeling sorry for Jong-seok, you can stop now. Wanda dan Faisal lah orang tua Lara. On the other hand, JR is still troubled with his falling-out with Greta whose advances he recently rejected.

Demi Cinta (sinetron)

The ladies are taken aback at the off-putting behavior of the so-called catch, JIN-GU Kang Sungwho episofe so privileged that he has seen no need to cultivate manners. She wheedles and pouts with Daddy whenever she wants him to buy her something which is alwaysto which he usually gives a dryly worded denial.

Episode 47 – Dave is still alive Audrey and Greta have chanced upon each other in the supermarket and the latter almost spilled her secret relationship with JR to Ingrid.


Setelah melalui lika-liku permusuhan yang panjang, Evan dan Alisa akhirnya sama-sama tak bisa mengingkari suara hati mereka yang paling dalam, dimana sebenarnya mereka saling menyukai satu sama lain. Salwa shock menerima kenyataan.

In a similar vein, Audrey is happy to see that Stanley is starting to fight for them against his ruthless mother. Limabelas tahun kemudian kedua bayi tumbuh menjadi gadis remaja. When episodee bade Marlene goodbye at the supermarket, JR also bumps into Audrey and casually leaves her without revealing his true feelings again.

But since he refuses to give them any clue as to where their hideout is located, the leader of the rebels threatens to kill his family as well. As it happens, he has never told her differently, knowing that it was what made their bond stronger ever since.

Posted by niazuramaria at All this time, he thought that Alisa was his sister! Panic-stricken, she attempts to explain what happened to her lemilau home but both Marlene and JR could hardly believe her story. Natasha then pulls Evan to leave. He suspects that Not-Father-in-Law is about to ask for money, and warns his father to avoid the man and to not agree to his requests. Natasha is forced to answer, she says Oka had raped her on her bachelorette night!


Terungkaplah bahwa Salwa bukan anak kandung mereka. Hendri just grabbed his cell phone, suddenly Alisa calls. Karena kesan awal yang sudah menyimpan amarah satu sama lain, maka mereka selalu bertengkar dan berdebat sengit. Evan is surprised, this big of a secret why was it kept a secret?

Episode 21 – Secret love no more? Natasha starts to panic and pretends to have a headache. Mereka pun menjalin hubungan hingga akhirnya bersiap menuju ke pelaminan. But Ae-ryung argues with her mother and resists going on further dates, detesting being pushed around. And now for the villainous turn. Natasha wants Evan to porgive Sofia, so they can live happily again. Has he really become cold-hearted to the point that he could think of getting revenge against JR someday?


Once again, it was David who prevented the two from alienating each other like what happened when they first discovered their family ties. Hendri hangs up the phone with sadness. He keeps mum about it though for he wants to choose the best timing for the news to be more damaging for JR and Audrey.

Ayah tirinya pemabuk dan penjudi. She tells him that she only wants one thing: Left without a choice, Ramon musters his courage to kill Leo and his cronies with the help of Olivia.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Hendri says that Sofia should apologize to Evan!


Chae-ryung greets her father sulkily at the airport, still annoyed about the bag incident, until he agrees to buy it and perks her right up. As it happens, he has already asked for her hand in marriage and is simply waiting for her to say yes.

Dari sinopsis sinetron Demi Cinta, terlihat banyak kemiripan dengan drama Endless Love. Hendri asks if there is any other lie that she has done?! This works with his plan, because that means she is alone and vulnerable as she steps out of the club to await her ride. The doctor comes and tells them that Hendri is getting better and he should be sihopsis to go home in the near future.

Lara langsung menemui mereka.

Episode 23 – Is being happy or sad a choice?