Seung-jo wants to chase after her but decides to wait, all torn up by her negative reaction. Was so in vain Off to watch it the second time Se-kyung comforts Se-jin by promising to buy her a brand-name luxury bag when she finishes her stylist gig to Jean Thierry Cha. What is tommy hong going to do to mess with them????? I just read an article on koreatimes. He is not a good liar…. If not, then stop agonizing.

JTC if u stop the comedy and keep crying nan eottokhe?!!! You should try watching this drama. January 5th, come on!!! It was much too close, and everything could have been revealed at that moment. Because if they put everything on the table, we wouldn’t have a drama: Oh my goodness, what a cliffhanger!!!

The team is always working on ways to get more content up on Viki. But now I want to know what Seung-jo learned from Secretary Moon. There were no feelings between them, she says, except that of gratefulness. Now, the white rabbit has become a pseudonym for finding our prince Se-kyung opens the package that she receives at home and finds the entire outfit that she tried on earlier. Tommy replies instead that Seung-jo is not the easiest man to get to open his heart.

Se-kyung clarifies that they only have a business relationship, leaving Seung-jo to apologize for not having considered her feelings. But you could make the argument that Se-kyung didn’t know who he really was but her attraction to him just scared her away because of what happened with In-chan. So, right now, I’m not particularly pleased with the leading “couple,” even though overall, I think they’re awesome just not recently.


Il-nam takes his leave, and Yoon-joo collapses on the floor in the staircase. I loveeee this drama. I just love these reviews so much–almost more than the actual show.

Regarding Inhwa, though i originally wanted to like her character I am definetley getting shades of evil from her big time.

So I find this particular plot line annoying and I can barely watch their scenes. She stands up, and immediately topples over from the heels. SK’s character can be played by a prettier lead.

I know this is already EP7, but I simply can’t get over having my two favorite actors staring as leads in the same drama. Seung-jo is a little surprised that he could feel so many emotions with eppisode girl once again. Your email address will not be published.

On the other hand MGY is still making Se Kyung likable but as she gets dirtier its going to be harder to root for her since Seung Jo is so sincere.

PATRARUSH drama korea: Watch PLAYFUL KISS – SPECIAL Episode 6 Indonesian Sub. Eng Sub and other sub

Meanwhile, Se-kyung keeps reminding herself to focus on her work. She hides behind the door, just in time before Min-hyuk and Il-nam step off on her floor and walk towards her room. So cute when he hit Seung Jo’s cue and said “stop fantasizing” and then “do it and then tell me” hehe.

I absolutely agree with you.

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I mean, I get that he’s damaged, but seriously? There’s a lot more at stake than what seemed at first hand Park Shi-hoo hugging that stupid bunny almost made me choke on my fruit.


I absolutely adore Seung Jo, and am doubtful that fact will change, but I worry about my affection for Patrarysh kyung. He has his own money now, so it’s not like daddy can take it away.

Can i just clear one thing up? And she wants to cheongdamcong him anyway. So that’s her ringtone. I don’t seriously think they can seriously get Seung-jo to marry In-hwa, because he wants real love, and not an arranged marriage.

I am enjoying it and loving it so much. Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun. I’m still enjoying this drama but not as much as I was. Of course she is there to further the script and blow information for her friend, but with friends like Ah Jung, who need enemas? There is a reason behind In Hwa’s comment and Il nam’s laughter. Why am I not invested in the other characters like I am with him Katie December 24, at 2: If not, then stop agonizing. Lee Jong Bak Supporting Cast.

It’s more significant than I thought then, sionpsis is good because it means the producers are being careful with this. I am kind of shipping her and Tommy Hong, but mostly likey they will not pair up.