He have to make it up for those sleepless nights and filming under a very cold weather. But what you meant by the Red King makes sense to me. When Heo Dong-wook knows about this situation, he tells Cha Seung-jo to tell his true identity to Han Se-kyung honestly. Have you read about Moon whom close to the cameraman? I know, it’s great to fangirl from a critical perspective What a wonderful statement if she used his father’s money to give the man she loved the potential for a new life, even if it wasn’t one she would share.

Thank you for the recaps, that’s what made me keep following this drama. She takes the piece of information that Seo Yoon-jo has married in France and goes to threaten her. Se-kyung addresses him as Secretary Kim still, and he goes forth with his apology. Honestly, I am… Se-kyung thinking: Nobody is that kind. This is one case where getting angry at her will not help.

Also I write a lot too but this drama kind of asks for it! I know what you mean. Then some fans recalled she received from Daddy Cha, 30K euros, the same amount used to buy Seung Jo’s painting.

Laice least, I wasn’t surprised that Tommy Hong saw her as someone interesting. He notices a lot are from a Secretary Kim…. What better way to do that than make a dream world of your own at your own house with someone you love. She finds that in his mailbox, there are many collection letters from various banks. Back then, she wondered if she could possibly be so lucky as to have met him.

By all accounts it was a mature, balanced kind of love Ohhh I liked this episode. Not sure if we saw 2 in action, unless honesty can exist in reality with eyes half closed. Yet, Se Kyung’s behavior appears more believable than entirely diabolical. A puppy love that blinds you is not love.

I may not have seen that many compared to most of you, anyhow, I don’t think there’s a korean drama with so many layers to peal and discern. Was I the same when I got up this morning? This series is so sad, because it rings true for many young people in modern societies. Seeking vengeance was his perceived way of healing; his hyper vigilance and anxiety about this relationship with HSK are both a defense mechanism and manifestation of likely PTSD. Marriage is hard work and takes a lot of patience and understanding from both parties.


I really enjoyed the drama and the ending. As for my two cents: Episodes by odilettante. He’s not a man yet.

It could very well be his father. I so wished this could have been in the hands of an older, more intense actress who could match PSH’s intensity and chemistry – when is MGY going to learn to kiss back? It’s so obvious in her expressions that she’s uncomfortable pary her decisions.

Guys imo SK is going down this path until the last episodes. Thanks for the recap. I mean, besides the over-acting and the crazy early stuff, I thought he was tapping into something really great for a character who has just being tossed, manipulated and things like that. I liked what Secretary Moon told Seung-jo: If you’d wtch her other projects After so many interesting comments that made me understand HSK character and her actions way better, I still want to say that while I don’t actually hate her as a person, I do hate her actions though I understand them.

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Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Orion December 26, at 2: This is just as far as my ability to empathize and analyze the world takes me. It’s like all those people you hear on the news complaining about the economy I think chengdamdong would be awesome. With no immediate calls and msgs, surely a girl can’t possible remain feeling confident of a guy’s affections for her since she was the one who told him to bugger off first.

I really enjoyed the last episode, because it was satisfying in showing us the growth of the characters over some time without feeling too rushed. Only PSH who can do it.


It was a well-deserved and gratifying in-your-FACE moment. I would be absolutely fine with, let’s say our Doc – cheohgdamdong guy and as a doctor probably wasn’t dirt poor either: But he stands by his belief — if they can accept each other, flaws and all, then they must have true love.

SINOPSIS Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 1 – 16 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

The only difference is that this time is the girl the cold one and the naive and fool in love this time is the guy epsiode SJ. This family and Seung-jo will never be one. In the end Yoon-soo is happy as the White Queen and she successfully checkmates the Shin family. Se-jin leads him to the eyeglass store where cheongdamdogn works and hands him seven different pairs of glasses. I pat trying to make sense of cheongdmdong many people had problems understanding her actions and now see her in a negative way.

It is one of those disillusioning discoveries for trophy wives. She just gains some weight, and it’s very good for her.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: If Seung-jo really loves her, as I suspect he does, he will forgive her. I’d wouldn’t be surprised if it were Seung-Jo’s father who bought his painting for 30, Euros. YJ kicked SJ to the ground and is now expecting somebody else to clean the mess. I tried reading all the comments, but there are a hundred, and, I should be working, so I will just write my thoughts and just ask forgiveness if someone else has written something similar or approaching my words.