The only requirement is that I should be able to get it in at least p on avistaz. Apa yang sebenarnya berlaku? The pieces position themselves for what will be the greatest conflict since the Keyblade war. With a new life ahead of him he’s ready to take on anything… As an unlicensed surgeon who’s ready for anything the world throws at him. With Gideon seeking revenge on Dipper and wanting her back will her and Dipper’s next big mystery be legit? Based off Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Yes, but as a late bloomer.

The world of medicine better be ready. It’s also the drama that got me hook on jdrama. Tadashi gets more then he bargained for when it truns out to be a young boy named Hiro and his robotic companion Baymax. Alternate by BirdSpell reviews Have you ever wondered what would happen if the nations in the mansion were given different roles? Twenty years after the end of the Second Wizarding War, tragedy at the world’s safest school prompts a clash between two Magical Ministries and an inquiry of a different kind. She just needed someone she could trust. But what if she need to get her trade back that is unacceptable to return will result to her greatest consequence in her life. It’s not just ones and zeros like people assume.

There is no way to kill him, as he is indestructible. However, when an old enemy returns and Mabel’s destiny is leaked to Gideon from Pacifica, both nemesis plan to use this knowledge to their full advantage, even if it means the downfall of Gravity Falls!

Joinedid: GerIta main Full summary inside. Rahasia apa yang Boboiboy sembunyikan? The Dealer by Sarruby reviews Running from the orphanage, Hiro took to the bot-fight-infested streets, first as a player and then as a dealer. Italy, Germany, Japan – Complete. Italy, Germany, China, Canada – Complete. He was just unlucky. Here we have Byakuya who is always mean to Makoto but no one knows his reason why.


Getting off the streets was just a matter of money and reaching adulthood – or so he thought. Die Tote Stadt by WynterSky reviews When Germany is implicated in the ill-fated plot to assassinate Hitler in JulyItaly is the only one willing to go to his aid This story will have you on the edge of your seat til the very end!

Dark Awakening by RunnerAwaker reviews My first fanfic series is back with a new revised plot! Origin of the Mechanids by AileenRoseven reviews It is unsure where the mechanids came from Forgotten by Mable reviews He couldn’t understand why they left him behind, why he was destined to be alone, why they left him When she meets the Loonatics they find out that all she wanted was someone to call a friend. BoBoiBoy yang baru saja pindah kini berteman dengan Fang, bocah pendiam yang jarang bermain.

He shows up, but with a newborn fear of loss of his first true friends. The Terror by Owen96 reviews After finding out Mario and the gang are going camping, Bowser sends his professional killer to kill them all.

Tadashi- Feeling unchallenged by his mandatory introductory classes at SFIT Hiro takes on more than he can chew ;art falls into a sick abyss of illness. Can Mordecai solve the clues and avoid the endless traps to save his best friend? Mario must overcome his apprehension of going into battle, and convince a new companion to stay and fight for their very lives.

sai no Koukousei – Wikipedia

Is he actually dreaming? Now, survival will zai on hand. I wish there would be more people to discuss j dramas with though Is Tadashi prepared to get his brother back when Yokai joins the fray? Will the brothers always live in fear or will Aunt Cass one day take things too far?

Why do the nightmares still haunt him after nno week? HK Hentai Kamen Japanese: If it wasn’t hard enough already, they come across a little Russian boy, and a Polish boy, wanted for his sexual orientation.


When Germany finally tells them after all these years, how will they react? This is where some of the most unique cases of patients are kept.

Doctor X – Episode 4 (Review)

Inside of it was a book and a simple note that was signed ‘A friend. Stars Appeared by Get Ganondorf A Doctor reviews Mario always believed in enjoying life slowly with the people you love. What if he was once the most powerful and dangerous country-and someone took the decision to change him?

Contains DipperxMabel, but not Pinecest. Thomas the Tank Engine – Rated: The Nightmare I Call my Life by Foxyshy reviews When Zim catches a strange disease that causes him to turn into a werewolf, and brutal killings start becoming a daily occurence, it’s a struggle to stay alive in a setting that is becoming more and more dangerous.

When Hiro Hamada was given a new project sinopsiis told that it could change the world, a group of villains; Mainly Professor Callaghan? Normal Redefined by LyricstoSilence reviews alternate title: When the blame falls onto Ash, and Charizard’s life is koukoousei danger, Ash escapes with his Pokemon and disappears.

This story has been adopted by Mysticalanimallover! Dead story, will most likely never be finished.

SINOPSIS DORAMA JEPANG – Toshi Densetsu no Onna season 1 (LENGKAP) ~ Elang Kelana

Soon, Italy is plunged into a world of magic and witches, and suddenly nothing is as simple or as easy as it ever was before. Bill is coming back and gets revenge on everyone, leaving Dipper as everyone’s Last Hope. Trina Wolf by red rose silver moon reviews She was thought to be evil but in reality she was alone. BoBoiBoy masih terjebak di ‘dunia’ nya.

They will never let it happen again.