Just tap out the pins and keep track of them, you will need to tap them back in once you have removed the extra link to make this smaller. However, for this particular tool, it is far easier to have the correct watch maker’s link pin removal pliers which we would be happy to supply. Before you set about removing any watch links, it is necessary to measure your watch band so you know exactly how many links you will need to remove. The staples holding the links together will disengage. It is also a good idea to keep any links you remove just in case you need them again at a later date. How to remove links in bracelets with pins or clips.

Then the link can be detached. Screws are fairly easy to deal with as are some pins. Using two properly fitting screwdrivers, hold one screwdriver steady while turning the other counterclockwise. When reassembling the watch bracelet, carefully check the bracelet link alignment to be certain that the screw hole is clear. Prepare your work area. November 24th, 5. Replacing your watch strap with an original replacement watch band maintains the original appearance of the watch. Bulova E-Z Link Diagram.

If yours has screws you will see the slotted heads and you use a suitably sized mini screwdriver to remove a screw. Position the watch on your wrist exactly the way you intend to wear it. Measure the watch band. Use the pin pusher or spring bar removal tool to push the pin that secures that particular link, following the direction of the printed arrows on the underside of the metal link. Browse the A’X official online store today.


You will remove the other half buolva the other side of the band to maintain equal band length.

Caravelle by Bulova watch strap adjust

I need a better solution. If you need to, you can gently tap the pin back into place using your small hammer. This is misleading – press down very firmly on the other end. Diagram This type of friction clip is generally found on watches with fold over three part clasps, the double deployment gulova clasp.

Tiny pins on each end, inserted into a cylinder with a spring in between. Additional adjustment can usually be performed on the bracelet via screws or pins as described elsewhere in these instructions. One procedure which can be used is as follows: Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. Related Question How to change the size of the strap?

Watch links VERY hard to remove on bulova watch.

October 5th, Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Engage the staples on both sides simultaneously. Watch links VERY hard to remove on bulova watch. I got one out but I’ve bent 2 tools in the process.

How to Take Extra Links Out of a Bulova Watch | LEAFtv

Again, using the correct sized screwdriver, turn the screw counterclockwise until it is free. You need to push the pins out in the direction of the arrows. November 23rd, 2.


They look something like a tiny shock absorber. How to adjust a fold-over clasp. Commonly used Bracelet Sizing Tools.

The following watch bracelet instructions and diagrams will guide you in how to remove links from a watch band. Please enter a valid email address.

Dec 27, Watches. How to remove links in a ‘Capsa’ style pin and tube bracelet. How to remove links in a bayonette-type watch bracelet. It’s worth a thousand words. November 26th, I have all the tools listed and was using them. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Please assign your manual to a ahorten Twist the blade to pry off the cap and then continue to use pressure to completely remove the cap from the tube.

If you remove too many, you’ll have to go through the hassle of reinstalling a link. Use your tool to carefully push back the spring bar from the watch strap clasp, then push the pins so they slide out from the link you are going to remove.

I’m familiar with using sharp knife blade to do this, but it’s not working. Diagram Links held with pins.