Anorak in the UK. Well this is far and away Marillion’s best album from the Hogarth era, and Fish’s spirit thankfully seems to be still haunting the band ever slightly. It’s a particular shame because musically speaking the album is actually a pretty decent reinvention of the band’s sound, evolving the direction taken on Clutching at Straws and diverting it into something a bit more esoteric and contemplative than might have been expected with Fish fronting the band. After an attempt from Fish to sack Marillion’s manager, the members of the band decided to proceed the other way around: Costa Del Slough Berlin is another extended Marillion song that works, although I must confess even as I heard this one for the first time, my mundane brain kept imagining how much better it would have been had a certain Scottish gent wrapped his cords around it. There are some songs like Berlin and Seasons End that reveal some of the potential of what the Hogarth-fronted Marillion would become but most of it is still pretty disappointing, especially where they sink down into pop territory. But back then we as fans of the old Marillion were more than worried.

The Hollow Man Acoustic If you want to pick up something from Rothery era Marillion, this might not be the best place to start, although having not heard anything else, I can’t say for sure. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Logically people would be anxious to know in what form the band would continue to exist. If you want to investigate this new era go directly to Brave which is clearly the best album or Hogarth-era Marillion and if you like it work backwards as later stuff is not really enthusiasting to my ears. That means some different compositions with familiar melodies and completely different lyrics. I’m conservative, at the end of the 80s I still hadn’t purchased a CD reader.

But is Seasons End really as bad as the ratings and reviews might suggest? My feeling was that: Lords Of The Backstage Wellthat was then and this is now. The sound is almost identical to the older albums, with the exception that Steve Hogarth’s vocals give it a twist. Probably one of the shortest Marillion songs, it was the choice for Marillion’s first single with H. The King of Sunset Town Demo 5: I remember that I rushed to purchase this CD the moment It went out.


This song underscores the fact that there is a really uneven delivery of quality that spans this album. And you can fly to the other side of the world, you know you’ll only find I’ve reserved the seat behind you.

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I swear he can draw out emotions simply by using his vocals. Throw Me Out A State Of Mind Phil Todd’s sax is unusual. Wrapped Up In Time The only trck which, to my mind, prevents this LP being more than a 4 star is The Space, a track I have always found unconvincing and over long. Of course they lose a fantastic voice and a superb lyricist and seasobs of conceptual albums.

Blue Angel Demo Live at the German Space Day The problem with this album is that Marillion are not marillikn Fish-independent in the songwriting, even if Hogarth is co- author or author. The Srasons Of Sunset Town 8: Costa Del Slough This song also runs on for eight minutes, although the band proved with their five minute version on Live at the Borderline that the extra weight didn’t really add much.

Trust In Me Radiation Vinyl Version.


The unbearable lightness of pop music The Uninvited Guest Demo Steve Hogarth’s vocals sound totally inspired, and all four instrumentalists are at the top of their game as well.

I could give this 4 stars, as an essential mile stone in the history of Marillion, but music wise I have to keep it at 3 – good, but not essential.

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Marillion – CD – Seasons end Both are fairly lengthy, respectively eight and six minutes long, dark and ambient songs. The Answering Machine Why “Hooks in You” follows “Berlin” and frankly why this song is even on the album is a mystery to me. Indeed when I first seaaons Seasons End, I had no idea that it was going to be the last Marillion album that I would want to own.


Hooks in You Fish’s gone jarillion Marillion had to move on. I think it’s the first time for a sax in a Marillion album. The Hollow Man Acoustic Though the opening cut sounds very much a track that could’ve been on a Fish-era album, Hogarth’s vocals are delivered in a way that Fish never would’ve done. The other shorter song on the album, After Me, I think is actually quite good, transitioning from an acoustic confessional to an energetic exorcism and in doing so charting a course for the H era’s more successful rock-out tracks; I do wonder whether the band’s post-Fish fortunes wouldn’t have been markedly seasonss if After Me had been released as the lead single from the season, since it feels to me like it chimes well markllion the direction many bands on the UK indie scene were taking at the time.

I don’t really see a point in comparing Hogarth to Fish since their styles shift the music into completely different directions but that is exactly what memorable front men are suppose to do. This is possibly my favorite Marillion album, although I definitely haven’t heard all the albums with Hogarth.

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Seasons End is the first Marillion album with new singer Steve Hogarth replacing Fish who left to pursue his own musical direction. I love the bright keyboard sounds in it.

After their colorful lyricist and lead singer “Fish” maillion Derek W. Hogarth’s input on this album were limited, because a lot of things were left over from the earlier “Clutching at Straws” sessions, or maybe even from before that time.

Rothery really shines here with a magnificent riff that has a very catchy feeling to it.