Maya’s uncle Popatlal is sick, so she decides to go to Los Angeles to see him. Monisha and Maya goes to Arnab sports day and he gets misplaced. We wanted to laugh, yes, but somehow, just couldn’t. When he comes home, she asks him about Cookie, but he thinks she has found out about Koki. Maya asks Monisha to use foul language with some sophistication. The society is celebrating daughter-in-law day and Baldev proposes that Monisha should speak about her mother-in-law. Maya remarks that Monisha has no good qualities. Sahil assures him that Maya loves him.

Hell, even Madhusudan ‘s ” hain? Indravardhan writes a play to show Maya that he can do something constructive. Rosesh is participating in a stage play written by Jaimin. Which results in Monisha threatening to leave the house but Sahil not stopping her to. Sahil is jealous of Rosesh when he gets a film offer. Indravadan then lies to Monisha about the doctor being a murderer and takes Monisha to Zodiac Bistro where Sahil is with Maya.

He also adds that he has a son. They fall sarabbhai love. Maya decides to arrange a shradhanjali, but due to Monisha’s old food, her throat gets sore. Rosesh challenges Indravardhan to a poetry competition.

Indravadan trains with Sahil’s help and finally wins the competition. The Sarabhai men can be seen flirting with Sunehri, who not only cleans the house but also cleans them of all their valuables. After some slip-ups, Maya discovers everything. Indravadan, too, changes some lyrics maduusudhan popular Bollywood numbers and sings them to match the occasion. Sahil gets a maid servant, on Maya’s friend Sarita mentions that her husband is cheating on her.

Maya is horrified by the news but afterwards she gets to know that it is a lie and proposes that Rita and Saeabhai should get married officially. Sarabhais visit the shrine of Matkadharbaba and fulfills the vow.


Maya and Indravadhan land in trouble when they have to take care Dipender, their friend’s pet dog. Monisha is also engaged to a vet.

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Monisha asks Sahil for a lift, and the epiodes fall in love after this. Monisha’s millionaire uncle names all of his property to Monisha. To teach her a lesson, he hires an actress to play a sexy maid. Sonia, the third child of the Sarabhais, predicts that someone in the Sarabhai house will die. Sahil remarks that the Paranthas prepared by Monisha seems like leather jackets. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2 was meant to be a epiwodes web series to air on Hotstar.

It is revealed that Rosesh gets sarbahai poetry skills from va father Indravadan. Sahil insults Indravadan for being reckless and unsuccessful. Actor Mallika Sherawat played a maid in one of the episodes. Rosesh gets very friendly with her.

There was heavy anticipation for the return of the most loved family in Indian television. He then decides to play a prank on them.

Right from the first episode, the show could never live up to our expectations. Finally because of Sahil’s repeated singing of the same song, Maya finds the truth.

Add Image S1, Ep6. Rosesh decides to marry Jasmine without consent of Maya. Monisha gets Arnab out of the bus through window and he brings some villagers. Views Read Edit View history. Sahil discovers that the whole spirit thing is a prank by Indravardhan and Monisha. Madhubhai’s niece, Kismi comes to live with Maya and Indravadan. When everything fails, Indravadan gets very tensed and Maya tells him that it was just a prank. Indravadan gets hypnotised In this episode, Indravadan makes fun of a famous hypnotist Dr Siddharth.


Maya narrates the love story of Sahil and Monisha to Dushyant. He told tragedy of his life to him. After 11 years, the sitcom is coming back as a web series in May. Sahil is jealous of Rosesh when he gets a film offer.

Then she remarks that Indravadan and Sahil are parrots and will never cheat. This hurts Rosesh, who decides to not return home. When Monisha claims that she has won the vss, Maya refuses to accept it. All of the men in the family decide to have a bachelor party, as Monisha and Maya are out of town, but get caught by their wives. Maya tries to find him a bride. Life sucks, we know. Indravadan makes fun of a famous hypnotist invited by Maya and in return the hypnotist hypnotises Indravadan to become Maya hilarious consequences follow.

Rosesh while practicing for a beggar’s role drops his lotta on the car. Here are 10 best episodes from the hit TV show”. Here’s its cast then and now”. Monisha wins a contest and TV actor Patang visits her home.

I Was A Huge Sarabhai Fan But I’m Glad Season 2 Is Over. It Wasn’t The Show I Fell In Love With!

Archived from the original on February 4, To please her, Indravardhan buys her an old wooden wardrobe from a kabadiwala. Maya misses her old servants and hires them back. The society is celebrating daughter-in-law day and Baldev proposes that Monisha should speak about her mother-in-law.