ARY Digital dramas clench top three positions”. Aysha sees the villains face and is too shocked to speak. Shavez has to keep on donating blood and eventually comes closer to Sangat;playing with her, taking care for her etc. Dramas should be healthy entertainment, able to be watched by whole family members together and not in isolation. She even asks Ashy whether she would forgive Adnan if he came to her after making a similar ghalti. We have to give TV producers credit for not shying away from addressing difficult social issues. But a majority also try to portray the difficulties of the victim.

Dramas should be healthy entertainment, able to be watched by whole family members together and not in isolation. NS and lion sharif are always sleeping. Has nobody from the writer to the actors ever even met a rape victim in preparation for this show? Adnan cannot do so, so he lets Ayesha stay in her mothers house with Shavez,unaware that he is the man that assaulted Ayesha. In Sangat, the rapist is both hero and villain — and that’s a problem Updated Nov 04, Nov 05,

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Rape is not about attraction or loveit is about powerdomination and ultimately humiliation. Thanks for writing about this SZ. The most disturbing part is the actor’s facebook page actually has the caption on a masked picture of him reading Hero bhi Villain bhi If we do not talk maturely about such issues, the thought process of a large number of people will remains confused and open to persuasion.

Director Kashif Nisar is no stranger to challenging material, having directed the award-winning Ullu Baraye Farukht Nahi. Then, he confronts Ayesha, and she tells him everything she went through. Nimrah The revelation that Adnan killed someone is all about mitigating Shavez’s actions. Dramas like these should not patronise the culprit.


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It was by a “technical” coincidence that I started reading this page. How is rape am end result of love? The completely baseless idea that the victim can only be free to live her life if she forgives this man is insinuated throughout the story.

Even after being attacked by goondas and suffering blunt force trauma to the head Shavez is ready to donate blood again when the baby is discovered to have blood cancer … leukemia? Shavez maybe a goonda and a lay about with no job but his land lady says that he modestly lowers his eyes every time he enters their house i.

Anyway, I hope the drama does have a better ending than the current tenor of the show. However, I have come to a conclusion that HUM has some kind of hidden agenda to alter the existing culture of Pakistan into more liberal one, but doing so sometimes they are crossing the ethical and religious boundaries.

You should watch the serial positively. I have not followed the drama but I did click on the link for Zahid Srama fan page provided in the article. Then, we must also have acceptability factor for generating returns.

He tells Ayesha, ‘I killed Shavez cause first he snatched you away from me and now he was taking away my Sangat’. The problem lies squarely at the feet of inexperienced and shallow playwrights but shame on the producers who choose to produce such trash and also on the actresses who accept such sanghta that degrade and humiliate women. The Chawla Family Secrets Revealed! It might not be perfect but I think you should sanghwt until the serial ends before being too critical.

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May God help us! Syed Waqar Ali from Toronto. We should be careful in selecting the theme. I totally agree with Zia. Thanks a ton for this. But unfortunately our originality has died after the commencement of indian culture in our dramas. I agree with the writer to give this drama a u turn However rape is not a matter of poor judgement or a simply a mistake someone makes, it involves extreme violence ,both mental and physical.


Ruma who are lunatics who are praising this drama? He never wonders as to why his wife is so traumatised by an armed robbery, and seems more irritated bystander than loving husband, leaving Ashy so disappointed in him that she seriously considers leaving him. Their respect, self-esteem and dignity needs to be encouraged and sangyat to sanghatt them their rightful place in society.

Rape is not about love or lust; it is about power and control – it is not a ‘mistake’ to be taken lightly, but a huge crime. When will we see a woman who stands up for her child, if not in public then at least in private?

Adnan wants to stay with Ayesha, but she thinks they shouldn’t as Sangat will always be a part of her life and therefore to reaccept Ayesha, he will have to reaccept Sangat. Very touching when he accepts the child eventually.

Its absolute rubbish that is being churned out to a vulnerable male and female population. One of the best dramas to explore this topic with the respect and gravity it deserves has been the award-winning drama, Roag.