When done with both [44] Voodoo Dues and [44] Zanzil’s Secret , get back on the road and ride north until you reach 39, I’m lvl 53, only ever got teleported by him once and I got the same message that he wont teleport me. Nuke the closest sorceress quickly then run away, rinse and repeat. LeyLineFocusontheBeach An enum constant representing the ley line focusonthe beach option. Ride southwest, to the lower wilds, you should soon encounter some gnolls. A tiny bit northwest, at about 81,88 you will find Camp Aparaje, a deserted Tauren village with a few camps of Grimtotem Ruffians and Grimtotem Mercenaries. They should be by one of the abandoned huts. Now you should be getting close to level 38, or at least be 4 bubbles away from it.

Nuke the closest sorceress quickly then run away, rinse and repeat. EasternCrater An enum constant representing the eastern crater option. The other, [16D] Hamuul Runetotem, is worth getting. FrozenWaterfall An enum constant representing the frozen waterfall option. Go back to the Water Seeker camp. Go west to Whitereach Post south if you did the enraged panther quest 21, The mobs on the shoreline are level , so you might be wondering why you’re here. They look like white upside down plates.

QuetzlunsCorpseandthattheProphetofQuetzlunbepresentandunengaged An enum constant representing the quetzluns corpseandthatthe prophetof quetzlunbepresentandunengaged option. Visit the Auction House, sell and repair.

Go further west while killing every Lesser Rock Elemental on your way, until you find Kargath Outpost 4, Once you level, head south to the bunker and turn in [16] Kolkar Leaders, then get the follow up, [18] Verog the Dervish.

UnguardedSummoningSite An enum constant representing the unguarded summoning site option. This quest is a waste of time exp wise, but earns us flight paths in Ashenvale, and is therefore worth it.

This should leave Hezrul all alone. If it’s not getting hit, it won’t fight back.

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Be glad you’re probably level 45 by this point. You wwater find Shindigger’s camp 26, AltarofGocandthatGochasnotbeensummoned An enum constant representing the altarof gocandthat gochasnotbeensummoned option.


Exit the cave, go west back to the plains area in Alterac Mountains and then southwest until you find the Lordamere Internment Camp 21, Go northwest across the bridge and keep going along the shore until you find some Nagas. Waater take the boat to Booty Bay. Still moving south, head towards where we killed the Razormanes earlier.

Make sure you get him solo and have your cooldowns up or at least a potion ready. SnarlfangsTotem An enum constant representing the snarlfangs totem option. If you haven’t done the Feralas chicken escort quest, go west and back to the Yeti Cave sandsororw and try to escort the Homing Robot.

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Do this 3 times. Congratulations on level It’s still not a walk in the part of course. Fly to Darkshire Duskwood. Let the chicken run in front of you, let it get the first hit. If you want to do this quest, head to 38,34 at the top of the hill.

Leave the hut, walk south some, and find Sputtervalve who will give you [14] Samophlange. Once you have completed [12] Plainstrider Menace, get back into town, talk to Sergra Darkthorn and get the follow up, [13] The Zhevra.

In Thunderbluff go south to the Hunter Rise and turn in the quest [30]Steelsnap, get the follow up [37]Frostmaw, you can destroy the Kodo Skin Parchment you just got from this quest. Your next order of business is to get to the Crossroads.

NGExplosivesBlue 19 An enum constant representing the ng explosives blue option. ManaforgeBnaarPipe An enum constant representing the manaforge bnaar pipe option.

Level 50 Fly to Darkshire Duskwood. The crossroads is a short walk ahead of you.

Keep going east while doing that. Get the other quest from Lotwil, [37]Coolant Heads prevail, turn it immediately — as you already have the Frost Oil from the shopping list.


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Now comes the difficult part, we have to kill a level 45 named with two level 44 guards. Click the Uldum Pedestal under him and get the follow up, then talk to the Stone Watcher of Norgannon who just appeared on the pedestal. When ready, place the Fresh Carcass on the Flame of Uzel and wait a little bit, frostmaw should show up within the next 20 seconds.

The chain involving Martek the Exiled starts in the previous chapter, at the level 31 section in the shimmering flats. Go to the southwestern part of the map 17, 83 and kill Greater Rock Elementals until you get 5 Bracers of Rock Binding. Slight alteration to my previous comment but with some digging I found a lot more: He has a long-ish patrol route and a less than ideal respawn time, so you might not find him.

Caliph Scorpidsting and [45] Wanted: The ruins are in a few distinct areas, a northern area by the road, a bunch of camps north of the main ruins, and the large central building itself. Our next stop is the outpost of Kargath in the Badlands, follow the map above to get there.

Ride southwest to the slope going down to Ungoro Crater 27, Didn’t really gimp my xp-rate though. We will return here soon.

BurningBladepyreintheBurningBladeRuins An enum constant representing the burning bladepyreinthe burning blade ruins option.