When the Ayakashi Okakurage arrives and uses his power to conjure despair-inducing rain, the Shinkengers arrive to fight him. With Shinken Blue’s urging, the guys form DaiTenku and land on the back of Nakinakite, giving him a taste of his own medicine. When Chiaki catches up to her, Kotoha tells him that the one person who could always comfort her when she felt low was her sister, so when her sister became ill, Kotoha resolved to be strong for the both of them. Following the others, Ryunosuke and Chiaki watch their teammates fall into Mochibetori’s trap. Member feedback about Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: After talking to the three that the kuroko also support them by ensuring they can fight without any one getting in the cross fire, the Shinkengers respond to Marigomori resuming his attack. Afterwards, Takeru notices that all the students attend the private Takashiro Academy, so he sends Ryunosuke and Kotoha, posing as a teacher and student respectively, and DaiGoyou to the school to investigate possible Gedoushu activity.

Power Rangers is an American entertainment and merchandising franchise built around a live-action superhero television series, based on the Japanese tokusatsu franchise Super Sentai. With Shinkenoh providing back up, DaiTenku manages to destroy Okakurage. Member feedback about List of returning characters in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Meanwhile, Dayu finds Juzo’s body washed up on the shores of the Sanzu River. World, Tsukasa becomes a contest winner and male model. Kamen Rider characters Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. While Doukoku takes a nap from drinking too much sake, Shitari summons the Ayakashi Ushirobushi who uses the Shiba House’s detection system to lure the Shinkengers into a trap and call Takeru out. But because the fight with the Gedoushu has gotten worse, Hikoma may not take his day off.

Jii arrives to hold off the Nanashi, allowing the Shinkengers to recover and defeat them. After splitting up into three groups, Takeru and Mako and Genta and Chiaki are ambushed by villagers driven insane. When the Shinkengers wonder why Kotoha was apparently immune to Zuboshimeshi’s attacks, Kotoha simply says that everything it said about her was mostly true.

Mako goes out to buy groceries for a meal she is cooking for the Shinkengers, while the guys fear what she will be cooking for dinner. Kotoha and Ryunosuke soon discover that all the affected students and teachers have the white bands on their wrists. After being summoned to serve Takeru as his vassals, Ryunosuke, Mako, Chiaki, and Kotoha begin their transition into Shinkengers.

Vowing to make the Ayakashi pay, Ryunosuke and Mako transform to fight him as the others arrive.


The next day as they celebrate his return, though he attempted to control his impulses, DaiGoyou gets into another fight with Genta for not being honest with his feelings. There, Mako discovers Dayu’s past; she was epissode a human woman named Usuyuki.

It premiered on February 17,a week following the finale of Juken Sentai Gekiranger, and ended on February 8, After their last effort proves unsuccessful, Takeru manages to get all upcoming weddings cancelled, subhed for one, in order to improve their chances of confronting the Nanashi.

The True Samurai Combination [ edit ]. While training, Takeru almost hurts Chiaki while remembering Juzo’s words from their last encounter.

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However, while practicing their kanji to perfect their Modikara abilities, Chiaki shirks it off and has Ryunosuke and Mako start to question Takeru until Kotoha is nowhere to be found, finding her practice as reveals her reasons for becoming a vassal. When contacted by a Gedoushu attack, Genta arrives first to watch Tsubotoguro making people suffer with his pain insects and fights him until the others arrive and fight off the Nanashi.

On his way back to the Shiba House, he comes across the Ayakashi Futagawara terrorizing people and eating everything in sight. Burdened by the newfound pressure of his vassals risking their lives to protect him, Takeru leaves the Shiba House to think. However, once the Stema Otsu’s monsters start appearing in reality, the Akibarangers also start materializing their transformed alter-egos to pursuit them and eventually obtain the ability to transform directly in the real world.

Once becoming a Shinkenger, they must renounce their past lives in order to keep their friends and family safe in case a member of the Gedoushu targets them. After having her wounds tended to with the others, though Genta tells her not to meddle in his affairs, Mako finds a depressed DaiGoyou working at a yakitori cart. With Shitari taking his leave and ignoring his warning, Oinogare is destroyed by Shinken Gold and Shinken Blue before he resurrects and is destroyed by Ika-Shinkenoh.

The Jolly Roger on the background consists of a folded Ranger Key over two crossed swords. At the Sakakibara residence, they learn from Touji Sakikibara, that Hiro is acting against his grandfather’s orders before he runs off again with Genta sent to look after him.

After the final battle against the Zangyack, the Gokaigers sends all of the Ranger Keys epixode the Great Powers of the previous Sentai groups back to the respective owners. With his mirror medium destroyed, Isagitsune overwhelms the 3 with his magic as Chiaki and Kotoha coming with the sushi seller following.


As they return home, the other Shinkengers apologize to Chiaki. When Azemidoro assumes his second life, Shinkenoh and Daikaioh battle the Kusare Ayakashi and lose to him. Member feedback about Tomomichi Nishimura: The Gokaiger characters make their debut in the film Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Realizing his plans are ruined now that Juzo was now a true Gedoushu, Akumaro takes his rage on the Shinkengers as they slay him with the Rekka Daizantou and the Mougyu Bazooka. Member feedback about Ikuya Sawaki: As the Shinkengers take their leave upon the Gedoushu making their move, Takeru breaks his friend’s heart by refusing to accept him as an ally. Super Shinken Red also destroys Happouzu, who has the episodr to destroy the Ushi Origami now that it cannot be under his control.

Masaru-san Matsui Cardcaptor Saku Her retainer Tanba explains the full story behind Takeru being a lord and the eighteenth head of the Shiba House, while Kaoru is given the items belonging to Shinken Red, as she does subged wish to hide anymore.

Smitten with Kotoha’s kindness and pure heart, Matsumiya is about to confess his feelings when Urawadachi is revealed to be hiding in his jacket. But because the fight with the Gedoushu has gotten worse, Hikoma may not take his day off.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Episode 23 English Subbed – The Rampaging Gedoushu

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Returns. Jii finds him as he watches Shinken Red fighting Juzo and attempts to intervene. The series’ English dub aired on October 20,5: In addition to the 31 episodes, the story of Decade is also told in the films Episose Rider Decade: While this occurs, Shinken Red and Juzo begin their duel to the death: The Great Sky Combination [ edit ].

Soon after, Ryunosuke and Chiaki are treated to an all you can eat buffet, unaware of how in synch they became from the ordeal.

By the end of the series, only Batcheed, Babatcheed, and Chirakazky remained at large until the events of Shinkenger vs.