Kim Ji Won Cameo. O PFF and I liked how the prank backfired because gary fell for it too: Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Suk-jin offers himself up to be eliminated first to distract his castmates, citing that no one would be surprised. Park Shin Hye Cameo. Ji Suk Jin really had it easy with the two macho sized lol-lols who did everything for him. Just look at his awkward smile.

Are these episodes interesting? The guests in this episode were awesome. It was cool to see the RM cast members’ personal connections. Now if all RM episodes with that many guests would be as entertaining as this one I’d be one happy camper ;. This is definitely one of the best episodes thus far. A voice cries out down the hall and she slips into a cabin. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. The conversation in jail was hilarious.

Stardust February 5, at 4: Shin Runjing Ah Cameo. That’s how they’re friends. Kang Ha Neul Cameo. Watch ‘ Running Man ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. And now there were two….

S if u want to watch the eng subbed, it’s already available on kshownow. Also respect for shutting down the Cantonese imitation.

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Disappointed, but expected when he lost. Drop rynmanclub kneeling on the floor, ji hyo has left me It turns out to be a whole mess of suspicion on all parties. I can’t wait for next week’s episode! His original plan was to eliminate Jong-kook in the beginning eoisode save his fellow Easy Brother until the end.


HEEE — this is classic — you just cannot make this stuff up. Jun So Min Main Cast. That guy is closer than you think”? And Kwangvatar, that cape looked funny on you and episod long legs. The conversation in jail was hilarious. How am I gonna face SJH after this? Lee Kwang Soo Main Cast. Choi Jin Hyuk Cameo.

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The guests’ bluffing just confused everyone and inadvertently helped JSJ by throwing them off his trail. Cast – Running Man. That’s why “the culprit is among RM” is a good hint. Rrunning too much power between them – they’d continually overwhelm the rest of the RM team. The two guest made me laugh the most. Joo Sang Wook Cameo.

My third favourite RM episode so far. Convenient that Gimpo airport is just a few minutes via moving walkway away from the hotel which both amazes the cast and myself. Jung Gyu Woon Cameo. I mean, I noticed that Suk Jin’s name wasn’t broadcasted after his “elimination”, but I assumed they just edited that part out. And before Suk-jin, who has been waiting for them, can hide, Jong-kook spots him.

Reply Parent Thread Episodd. He wasn’t amused by the “Chinese rap” and neither was I. They share clues and try to solve it together. It seems kind of neat from what I watched, so I’ll watch the second part soon.

Included Episode in case you like continuity. The episode was runninv and frustrating until the last 10 minutes when everything was revealed. I wanted Suk Jin to win, but oh, well!


The pieces start to fall into place: Kim Woo Bin Cameo. But I do agree that it looks tiring to the guy playing the dog – he was sweating all over. Episodes by LollyPip. But it’s his way to make a living.

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The Running Man radar goes on full alert. I mean the lack of the broadcasting slipped by me O. Language imitation will never epixode funny, it’s insulting at best.

I feel like skipping them because it’s so many guests. Sometimes, they work as a team and cooperate for one common goal. They runbing invite female guest like them more often.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

And that this episode was an attempt to encourage the members to work together even in individual events, rather than always try to go it alone or betray each other. I wish suk jin win, but well its ok. He epjsode right that no one would suspect him if he was eliminated first.

I hated the comedy quartet The special was interesting. You will be brought to tears each week from laughing at their silly antics.