I have been waiting for it all night. Your email address will not be published. The boys dutifully try to meet their contacts, only to be turned away. You are so funny!!! This episode brought back some of my excitement, because everything is moving forward and changing. The actress is great cuz she portrays her character soooo good, I hate her XD And my worries are becoming real, the sister is gonna end up liking the prince and trying to get him aways from Bak-Ha. So no matter what kudos to Yoochun.

Now that was a manual on how to kiss someone’s composer away. I certainly hope humans can’t feel MORE pain. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I have only twice in my life experienced a ‘closed lip kiss’ Is it weird to think a neck is sexy? They don’t have Yi Gak’s imperious tone, but if we’re looking at grammar and vocabulary, they are still definitely doing the funny sageuk-speak.

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Yi Gak goes looking for Park-ha in her department, surprised to hear she resigned this dramacrazyy. Or maybe they do and I am not noticing it? She fishes for more compliments, and he complies.

Can someone please answer these questions for me. Maybe she will die in the future and he can go back and pull off her veil in a smexy dramatic kinda way.

My problem is that some drama are not available in my region so I wait for epdrama to upload it. His thumb is so hot!!

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Thank god for viki. They could’ve done better. I’ve decided that the crown princess poisoned herself out of shame for being so wretched but if you think about the time space continuum and such gooftop she’s dead in the past then how was an exact reincarnate made? He reminds her of her drunken words the other day, about how it was rotten luck that he picked her rooftop to crash into.


I am glad the CEO knows Sena is her daughter, I hope she doesn’t give her any part of the fortune once she finds out that Sena herself kept her from finding PH. And he and Se-na can resume their relationship, just like before.

She looks momentarily hopeful, but then hurt again: Mikunda April 27, at To me it seems like he did good for the first episode. Yi Gak dreams of Bu-yong, remembering the word games rloftop had played with each other at the palace.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Manliner plus drunken forlornness shouldn’t be hot but somehow dramacraazy works Altari April 26, at So agreeable, in fact, that she pouts, wanting a bigger reaction. Yi Gak comes home to find Park-ha packing her things. It wouldn’t necessarily be a concept used to make everything tie in because, she would have kept it a secret and Tae Mu is introduced now for you to realize that their may have been a Tae Mu in the past as well.

Ondubu April 27, at 7: And show, please spare pgince the plastic surgery. Kang Byul Supporting Cast. You are commenting using your Facebook account. And let me just say eeeeeeee! Se-na from her first husband, and Park-ha from the second. I also love the 3 sidekicks being sneaky and funny at the same time.

He finds Park-ha near unconsciousness and carries her out, his handkerchief draped over her face to filter out smoke. In his defense, Pyo Taek-soo points out that the contract fell through as Tae-yong was rescuing a life, and Tae-mu generously offers to give his cousin one more chance to prove himself. Somebody wants an excuse to hang out.


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Jung Yu Mi Supporting Cast. This is one instance where I wish I understand Korean because I’m just completely relying on subtitles to understand and they don’t seem to reflect the sageuk in their speeches. It was so subtle and but the audience are prod along to guess along the way but it’s not in the tempo of normal detective shows which tends to be you know, ‘detective’.

Now if only I spoke Korean. It’s a group called ‘Portrait. We should support RTP wholeheartedly. Also, the lead in for RTP was really, really bad in the ratings, and just from the first episode RTP has doubled the ratings from the drama that was preciously in that time slot.

Maybe Hwa-young and her scheming boyfriend cooked up a plan to kill Bu-young because of her spewing jealousybut she herself ended up dead by mistake.

My Internet at home is still terrible, so these are pirnce that are keeping me going at the moment. It looked more like turtle kissing. But why would he wait until she reached adulthood to kill her?

Well, it’s a sign that they are adapting well in the modern times