I’m still riding pretty good on the recent acquisition of a k. You can contact us at sales blades. We appreciate the frustration of buying a knife, axe, machete or anything else for that matter and then finding it cheaper elsewhere, so you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got you covered when you buy from us. Have once bought a DH Kawashima as a gift for a friend. It was a simple swing with no technique just to test. Good afternoon Ouro Feb 24, Also, lighter blades do indeed cause me to slightly change my cutting habits when I use them.

And so i decided to pick up the cheapest of the ronin brand being the RK series. So these online sellers buy them for alot cheap and sell them as handforged for Have once bought a DH Kawashima as a gift for a friend. Feb 22, Shows what a dedicated brand can do. They are differentially tempered to produce an authentic Katana with a real hamon. Also, lighter blades do indeed cause me to slightly change my cutting habits when I use them. I’m still riding pretty good on the recent acquisition of a k.

The bottle taken out with ease. The Ronin range has suprised me so far. The problem in the UK is the sword sefies, which has prevented alot of sellers to import a wide range of import katanas. Which really takes you out of the good mood at times on seeing a sword.

Sword cash good to have Feb 23, 1: If you seriss not absolutely pleased with your purchase you can return it to us within 30 days of purchase in original condition for your choice of an exchange or refund excluding shipping fees.

I’m located in Alabama and the flooding here right now is insane. Cotton ito over authentic rayskin. So when i saw Ronin for sale, at one of the biggest online sellers, i gave it a go. And makes the sword balanced and light. Unfortunatly many websites now stock cheap katanas with bo-hi. Iatana can see messages disappear pretty quick some mornings. But will upload shortly. Feb 25, This warranty applies to the original purchaser proof of purchase required and remains in effect for as long as SBG is around to honor it.


At BA Sreies we’re passionate about knives and everything-else sharp!

More Details Specifications Video Shipping Details Reviews The RK series blades are forged from steel and have been differentially hardened to produce a real hamon.

And when i saw the blade for the first time. Got a new ZT D’Capitan today, good time for the zombie akopalypse! Lacquered wooden saya with matching cotton sageo tied.

Jan 18, 0: Will paint black though. The blade is polished well, much better than some of cheness. We strive to bring our customers the best knives from the best brands from around the world. Shows what a dedicated brand can do. Thanks i can answer any questions. As for the cutting, I think that perhaps on the bigger bottle you probably had more weight, both in the target and in the swing, and that is likely why it cut all the way.

Jan 18, 9: These are designed as entry level backyard cutters and are rated for use on water bottles, pool noodles, and single soaked tatami mats. Jan 18, In fact your right about swin power. Add To Wish List.

So there was no need to really grab a new sword TBH. Contact us with your order details to receive an RMA number.


Ronin Katana RK Series – Model 11 – Reviews

Which means they tend to stick to well known brands as Hanwei CAS, and the odd cheness. Gonna get some stuff done tomorrow around the house. Cheap for a brand sword. I vacuumed a million crumbled polystyrene chips the whole forenoon. Really it seems great becuase, it has not taken much beef off the sword, as most deep bo-hi swords do. Back to work today. Jan 18, 2: Roonin cats are not natural skaters And this sword will become my bitch sword, as i will literally use it to the max, and update everyone on how it goes.

A message to everyone getting into swords, always research the sword you plan to buy and the brand. Also i own following brands Hanwei kawashima cheness masahiro. Gotta make more rohin money! Your statutory rights are not affected. Jan 18, 4: But i just wouldnt cutt with it because its too expensive to take the risk.

Shipping from the Ronin Katana Warehouse in Texas within business days.

Ronin Katana RK Series – Model 9

I have to be a little more on point, and put a little more into each swing. If it breaks during the course of reasonable and intended usage we will replace it seriees either the same or if unavailable, a similar model completely free of charge.

Overall im very happy with the katana. Feb 23, 2: