In a cut scene, the talisman in Yau’s room activates, signaling the presence of a powerful evil. If hell was a real thing, it’s not, I can imagine it being somewhat reminiscent of this. He used the people he saw on his way to the room, that he ended killing himself in, as his own way to die a hero instead of someone who had lost everything and had nothing to live for. Directed by Juno Mak. Other reviews pointed out that, if you had grown up in Chinese culture that you would understand far more of the film than if you’re not. His mixture of dark-haired vengeful ghosts draped in flowing white sheets yurei , zombified vampires resurrected by Taoist dark arts jiangshi , and hyper-stylized kung-fu fight sequences wuxia is delivered with an enormous amount of respect for the traditions that spawned the subgenres.

After a scuffle, the final image depicts the dead tutor surrounded by the corpses of the twins; one dead on the floor next to him, the other hung from the ceiling fan. Retrieved from ” https: In the next shot, his face is tilted up and his eyes are open. Later, Chin visits Yau’s restaurant, where Yau explains that he has taken up cooking glutinous rice , an ingredient used in fighting jiangshi. Premier Logo Created with Sketch. This is, essentially, another version of the ‘it was just a dream’ ending.

Yin performs a welcoming ceremony, and Chin insists that Yin take a gratuity saying that, “It’ll become necessary,”. After a scuffle, the final image depicts the dead tutor surrounded by the corpses of the twins; one dead stnopsis the floor next to him, the other hung from the ceiling fan.

Afterwards, Yau admonishes Gau for using Siu-Ho as bait to lure the twins and forcing Gau to become involved. Don’t have an account? That’s not to say the horror genre is dead, but compared to other genres, it’s stuck in a creative rut.

Later that night, in a dream, Tung tells Meiyi that he must leave her for several days and requests that she wait for him.

When Siu-Ho hangs himself with a noose, a sheet rises from the floor in the shape of a ghost and begins spotting with blood. Yin explains with the aid of a flashback, that in life, the twins were students being tutored by Yang’s husband in apartment I think that’s why it, ultimately, doesn’t matter that the story mkrtis great.


Anthony Chan as Yau.

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The telecast started making history almost immediately. This page was last edited on 18 Aprilat Director Juno Mak might have pulled off this potpourri if it weren’t for a cop-out ending. The spirit appears to envelop Siu-Ho as his neighbor Brother Yau breaks into the apartment and rescues him after battling the possessive spirit.

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Rigor Mortis

Borrowing a leaf from his ‘Revenge: Besides Uncle Yau, Chin also gains the attention of the other mostly elderly tenants of the complex played by equally venerable veterans of Hong Kong cinema.

The film is as bloated as a distended corpse. Life in the building continues and Siu-Ho notices morris mentally unstable woman named Feng and her blonde-haired son Pak repeatedly hanging around outside his apartment.

Written by Michael J.

Separated from his wife, who has custody of their young son, former genre movie star Siu-Ho Chin moves into a dilapidated public housing building where he plans to commit suicide. But even as Mak clearly intends for his film to appeal as well to a younger audience who crave for such vivid details, he never does get excessive, demonstrating a fair bit of restraint in scenes which could have easily been much more explicit.

Edit Cast Credited cast: Movie Info A washed-up actor, desperate and suicidal, moves into a haunted apartment building where supernatural creatures, ghost hunters, taoist exorcists, moive the souls of the synopsid walk among his neighbors. Terror never sets in, but tedium long since has.

Co-produced by J-Horror icon Takashi Shimizu, and reuniting some of the original cast members of the classic Mr. Gau eventually relents and suggests an alternative to the crow’s blood she has been feeding Tung every night: Horror movies around the world.

Later, Yau requests that she watch over Pak for a bit. Along with cinematographer Ng Kai Ming, Juno Mak also overfeeds on the eye candy, and to a point that is arguably in the favor of self-indulgence as opposed to storytelling motivation. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. There, he assaulted and raped one of the sisters and upon discovering the brutal rape, the other twin stabs Yang’s husband to death.


Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Moftis doesn’t matter that the story is a little fuzzy, the fact is that the visuals are absolutely enthralling and that is what makes this film so damn good.

Rigor Mortis 6. Trivia The tall ghosts that cross the hallway carrying parasols are based on Chinese reapers. Siu-Ho’s Wife Billy Lau There is still enough happening plot-wise that style never fully drowns substance, even when the content swallows more than one lungful of water while trying to catch its breath. Roll our eyes we might, but importantly we never look away in fright, simply because the horrors always remains on screen.

Senior resident Uncle Tung is lured to a stairwell by ghostly noises and appears to die after falling. The audience is also introduced to seamstress Auntie Meiyi and her husband Uncle Tung. The inside walls are covered in blood and Gau lies dying.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Chin then turns to Gau, and the two summon the twins who proceed to possess Chin once again. Crazy Credits The split-second image that pops up before the cast credits begin, is actually of the director, Juno Mak, who is sitting on seat synopsie With that said, I didn’t think this film was at all perfect. And that’s really the point of the film, you’re stuck in what seems to be hell.