On a side note, I love how Dad was so petty at the very beginning of this ep – getting peeved at the Convenience Store Ahjumma and leaving her freezer door open. One one hand I find it hard to believe a kdrama will do a bait and switch like that but on the other, shipping preferences aside, it would be such a cool twist. Dad rushes over in the middle of a game and dotes on Mom and Baby in a worried frenzy. Am I not attractive? Dad reads a headline in the newspaper that Seo Taiji is Satan, and the air at the table turns cold. Reena November 16, at 8: Manin November 24, at 6: And okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I loved Lee Jung-jae over Choi Min-soo, so I might just be hardwired that way.

I’m a man, but I found it offensive, if either party is not in a fit state to give or withhold consent, that’s not something I find amusing. Playlist 4 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. And yes, nothing moved forward on the romance front. The fact about oppa, only makes me sad. I think overall the bigger reveal will be his confession to Na-jung, and how timing figures into it. I also really liked that he is reluctant to pay Baseball manager for his dinner cross fingers that their relationship do not evolve into something more , but happily paid for the stuff Na Jung wanted to buy. The new boarder, is it Chilbongie?

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I liked this episode aside from the romantic triangle it was great to see them support each other as friends, they have come so far to when they had just met each other and were a little bit reserved. I hate trash in this episode He was the guy who went to the rock cafe and works with NJ at the burger joint There’s just too much disappointments. But relpy popular conceptions of rape, many people think that the woman has to put up a fight, scream, etc.

Patch November 16, at 2: Where are the red hot pokers they use to torture people in saeguks? But its one that somehow the guys losing is gonna accept that Najung is happy and they are gentlemanly about it I think the pause icon on the image actually help define the heart lines.


He is fortunate that na Jung still loves him after all this time. Then again it could be typical Daddy-unable-to-let-his-daughter-go kind of taunting. I’d really love them to remain platonic friends: There were their parents, and her oppa who died.

I’m a little heartbroken that things are really that bad with his father and possibly, on the violent side. Not that I’m torn about who to choose between Chilbongie and Trash but just because I’m tired of the guessing game.

I tried not gooddraa watch the drama first, just because I want to read first the recap and comment!

Episode 10

Do Hee is so pretty! At least that’s how it was for me. Damn you show, staaahpp it with the trololololol-ing! Was she or wasn’t she? He knows how she feels, if he doesn’t see her as a woman, then he needs to tell her that so she can move on.

Now that Bong moved in, I want Yoon Eoisode to notice. Aww I actually feel the opposite. They each have their charm and faults as well. I love the throwaway discovery that Samcheonpo and Dong-woo are the same age. Daeak lee seung gi is so handsome: Aw, is this why you two are such good friends?

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He carries her over to the bathroom and she buries her face in his shoulder for the ride, missing the message that Chilbongie leaves on her pager.

It’s perfectly normal, especially in when the Shinchon gang have been friends for 20 years!! As a youngest child, with a brother and sister quite a epsiode years old than me, I remember all of those stupid dismissive goodcrama used to keep me in my place and denigrate all of my opinions, and Oppa is a master at them: Yoonjae was touchy with Joonhee and yet he is straight.

Garbage says in voiceover:. Pineapple i must say, this drama is my favorite of all those who air right now, When dae gu said that he’ll kiss her if she’ll continue to ask, i was like: I’m just glad the air was awkward between them, even if it was a bit uncomfortable to see, because that means he realizes that she really does rrply him as a man.


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And Oppa calls Binggeure puppy Download the latest version here. So much to process!

For the nostalgia and the feel good moments? So the chances that he’s the husband is pretty small I think. It’s a well-established relationship even with the feeling of cousins attached to it. Somehow, at last and at least it was confirming that: I just find generalizing comments like this just as annoying and condescending, as if by focusing on the romance undermines the intelligence of people that do come up with thought-provoking insights on it.

I totally can relate to Najung Loved ur comment, that seems the only logical explanation of oppa’s behavior toward najung as well as binggure. I don’t think he’s toying with Binggure he’s just trying to gpoddrama a good older brother. Some of them can be so biased they just fly over my head.

It’d be the sneakiest plot twist ever if Hai Gooderama ends up as Na Jung’s husband. If Oppa goes for her too early and too easily, the whole guessing game is over too early.

If Trash and Chibongie are so opposite in the face of confronting love, then maybe the writer’s making a point that courage, more so than timing, is vital. He’s not only balancing NJ, but also balancing his father, NJ’s father’s relationship and probably a faint promise to his best friend to take care of NJ, as indicated by the earlier episodes. And yes, nothing moved forward on the romance front. She freaks out and gets angry to cover up her embarrassment, and runs to the bathroom.

And then disappeared only to reappear and claim his price. Anyway, I was a bit underwhelmed by this episode because of 1.