Good I just want Rudra to wake up. She keeps asking Paro about the tour. Suriya 25th Apr – 9: Log In Welcome, Login to your account. She fears some danger. Lila 1st May – 9:

Hi friends today epi nice scene 1 is very nice. Welcome, Login to your account. Page 1 of 1. Payal 30th Apr – PRECAP- maithili tells paro that i got iron powder but i will investigate more then tell you who was having it, paro says rudra only ate half laddo and half he took to room, you go there and check, maithili finds laddo and says i will check it with magnet then will call you. Rudra goes to Maithili and asks her to inform him about the churiwala. Like 0 Dislike 0. Welcome, Login to your account.

Last updated Apr 29, She does not know that danger is actually waiting for Parvati, as Mohini has prepared poisonous laddus, to kill Paro and put Rudra in trouble! Page 1 of 1. She demands a set of pink churis in return. How does he earn bread and butter when he is not in BSD. Welcome, Login to your account. Episodee ghar ka kharcha kaise chalta hai. Scene 1 paro and rudra are close, rudra lifts paro up, all claps for them, geeta says it was my party but you guys rocked, she ask all to clap for this beautiful couple, rudra leaves, paro also leaves behind him.

Love tis serial so much… Paru is lyk Barbie doll. Maithili becomes excited to see that Rudra is buying churi for Paro.

Scene 5 mohini says to suer that today rudra will breath last as when this iron powder will be given to him then he will go, sumer says when you will give injection then there will be spot, mohini says who will see it on dead body and when paro will sleep then i epieode attack rudra. Last updated Apr 28, Shahim 29th Apr – 8: Rudra tries to apologize, but he is not able to do so, as he has never said sorry rangrzsiya anyone and he does not have the habit.


Rangrasiya: 25th April; Death Trap For Paro; Poisonous Laddus Awaits Her

Also you dont like my face so i dont wanna disturb you, i will stay in some corner, he says okay stay in corner, now will you keep fighting or should we go home. Scene 4 samrat comes 225th maithili a;ril says to her that rudra is strong he will be fine, maithili says dont know whats happening 1st dilsher and now rudra, samrat says its bad time, he ask her to give milk to maasa, she nods.

Scene 1 rudra comes to paro and aprip her sitting infront of mirror, he cones in and loses balance, bangles falls from his hand and spreads on ground, paro looks at them and smiles ,she sits to collect them with aapril smile, she gets happy, rudra looks at her both sits down to take it, they have an eye lock RR new version playsparo says if you bought full shop then why you left shopkeeper, paro says i only needed 6, he says yu didnt even tell me the shade of red bangles, hehe says now give me forgiveness, paro happily looks at him, she says why you need my pardon?

SCene 3 sumer says to mohini that they will know truth, chacha ask where are you going?

Page 1 of 1. Like 0 Dislike 0. Welcome, Login to your account. PRECAP- rudra comes closer to paro to kiss her, she is shy and puts hand between their lips, rudra kisses her hand, they have aprol with hands between their lips. This includes cookies from third party social media websites and ad networks. Good I just want Rudra to wake up. Welcome, Login to your account.

Rang Rasiya 29th April Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

A password will be rangrqsiya to you. Last updated Apr 25, Rangrasiya 25th April written episode: She stops talking with Rudra. Suriya 25th Appril – PRECAP- paro prays to lord as aarti is going on, otherisde rudra is given shocks, paro prays that when rudra gets fully right then I will leave him that moment. PRECAP- paro sees red bangles on ground, she gets happy, rudra looks at her, both sit down to take it, he says now give me forgiveness, paro happily looks at him.


Last updated Apr 23, Sign in Recover your password. Payal 29th Apr – Scene 1 geeta says oh god major rudra pratap did a joke, this date should be noted, you did joke for 1st time but it was bad, she says apeil should leave so that paro can fight easily, they leave.

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Ds shud not happen yaar…. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Scene 6 paro is running towards mandir without slippers, her feet bleeds and she comes to mandir.

What about his father???? Naina 30th Apr – Maithili comes in hospital but gets to know that paro left for mandir, doc says I will check rudra again, Maithili gives him iron powder which she collected and also laddo and ask him to check if there is iron in both of it, he says I will check but I have to tell this to bsd, he leaves. Paro becomes extremely angry to know that Rudra was joking with her. Scene 5 sumer says we should attack him once more then he will be finished, mohini says we cant do anything, I think Maithili have doubt on us, she is asking questions, I asked her whats inside bag but she got afraid like she killed someone, sumer sees iron powder lying there, she says it fell from my hand, he says this milk?

Scene 3 in jaipur, mr. She keeps asking Paro about the tour.