We’ll even figure out a creative way to integrate you in. It’s pretty cool to be a part of that audience. Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes? A Taste of Dawn”. Indians are good at math, let me tell you. Modi in San Jose: Satyal puts together comedy shows for corporate innovation sessions. Weeks before our official release, we’ll give you the password to unlock the first eight episodes of Season One.

Retrieved from ” https: Normally, the bigger the gig, the sooner the nerves start. But that turned out to be B. The money you contribute will go to the good people on the crew whom the audience will never see – the sound guy, the lighting gal, et al. Pages with citations lacking titles Pages with citations having bare URLs Pages using infobox comedian with unknown parameters. We won’t post it; your friends will have to come to YOUR page to see it. Satyal and Mistry were married in Austin, Texas, in July,

My parents employed the same strategy — tell everybody that Rajiv is a straight-A student. This LA-based pocket pundit challenges people to see domedy new point-of-view.

His TV-clean act has made him one of the most versatile comedians working today. You get your name or your company’s name on an episode.

Like, just you and a couple of people. Left to His Own Devices [25]. However, because I’ve been making online content for over a decade and because we’ve already created eight full episodes, there are no issues with production or distribution. You get your name mentioned in the satyap at the end of one 1 episode. He began his career in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.


Satyal has some interesting claims to fame: Given the guests already filmed and already booked, this should not be an issue at all.

Hey, if you don’t post it, it didn’t happen, right? And if we wander into untoward topics during a spat, perhaps I can invoke Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and suggest we clean it up. Several of Satyal’s friends from the comedy world were in attendance, including actor Ed Weeks from “The Mindy Project” sqtyal superstar comedian Russell Peterswho did a set, and even took over the turntables to DJ.

Rajiv Satyal is a standup comedian originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. Rajiv produces sketches, improvises, and writes TV ads.

The more we raise, the more content we will make. Now imagine that you ARE the audience.

Satyal started doing standup comedy in He hosts his own weekly show at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. I’m starting with Indians, since I know so many, and then will move on to ethnic groups from all continents. Reward no longer available backers. His TV-clean act has made eajiv one of the most versatile comedians working today. I mean, I have sweeter hook-ups than Napoleon Dynamite.


Satyal’s favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye.

Rajiv Satyal

Imagine how awesome your date will think you are. Not wholly hilarious but interesting and unique. To access this video, you must register, provide your birthdate, and opt-in to receiving TV-MA rated content This video is only available in an uncensored version. The money you contribute will go to the good people on commedy crew whom the rajvi will never see – the sound guy, the lighting gal, et al.

Kickstarter requests that we list a Risks and Challenges section.

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Rajiv Satyal – The Internet. Funding period Jun 1, – Jul 1, 30 days. He got serious about comedy in Or whatever the kids are saying these days. Retrieved from ” https: I don’t want to call in favors. Subject to ethical standards, of course.

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And I’ll drop some knowledge. And then we go pitch a Netflix satyzl Amazon for Season Two. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about it.