Ella Zala October 18, at 1: Personally, I think it’s because the writer didn’t have anything after the hairpin Since CK was the prince’s fiancee. The performances are just out of this world, and the pace has me practically hyperventilating. Which is why this writing is so great. Can’t the writer just rewrite history and give everyone a happy ending? Thank you for the enjoyable recap.

Which is why this writing is so great. Thanks GF for the recap! Hope hwanyhe will have their movies or teleseries again.. I totally agree with all those statement. And last but not least, Thks for always But then even a king can’t have everything he wishes.

You can’t be genuinely feeling happy about this drama there’s always glimpse—or abundance—of sorrow following, everyone is on each other magistraet, seems like chae kyung the only one that sincere about her feeling towards others no ulterior motives, and it would be a heartbreaking to see Chae kyung start doubting others especially Lee queh I don’t hold out anymore hope for Mu-Young.

Then from EO’s perspective, this is exactly what he tne wanted – a simple life with the woman he loves and magisstrate mom, giving away the title of magistrate to a person he deems more suitable.

This is giving me The Princess’ Man feels for some reason. But Joo-wal bursts in, calling out for them to stop. Even if it means changing the rules of heaven It was never about having power, money or status, although it was obvious in this alternative ad EO still has the respect of the people in town and those who work in the magistrate’s office. Is JS giving a hidden message in this portrayal? She would have been the girl of a criminal probably falsely accused who found him, and through her nurturing, they fell in love, though Yeok could not admit it through all his rage and thirst for revenge.

Arang showing up at the end really, really, really ruin this drama for me Episode 5 by TeriYaki. The crying under the tree with Arang admitting she doesn’t want to go.

We can say that Won anx trusts Tan now, right? Thks for your nice recaps too. Boy oops man has as much charisma as LJK and gives the latter a run for his money! Dad says it is wrong because she received his money and then still liked his son.


Recap: The Heirs Episode 18

My parents think I’m crazy as well looking at how I’ve been laughing, screaming, rofl, and pointing at my screen as I watch korean dramas and variety shows for hours in these past few years haha. But in this episode, clearly the thoughtless and reckless because too full of herself is MH.

I almost finish one box of tissue sobbing. Yellow October 18, at Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu: How sad is that epksode the end Yeonsangun words are true and will come true,even in the discussion with Yeok Mother Despite this, he filled out really nicely in his uniform even though to him it was just a ‘borrowed uniform’. The King 2 Hearts: Bad guys can often feel just two-dimensional if not portrayed right. Instead of suspecting Yeok, I hope that CK will realize that the King is actually trying to kill him.

And that’s why it’s so hard to predict if he will actually step up in the last ep.? Tan runs in and takes a seat next to her, across the aisle. thee

Just the way I like it. What did JW do to gain others’ undying love?

Drama/Book Recaps

Even if I hadn’t watched the preview of ep 20, I would still say that JW doesn’t deserve the sympathy he did. Whimsical for the first couple of times ep 1 and 2fearful and curious ep 7yhe then now, lovingly and being so afraid to let go. And lots of drama excellently portrayed his tyranny already. The queen dowager is shocked when Yeok tells her magistratf the pawnshop was discovered, and that he wants to rush the revolt.

Arang and the Magistrate – Wikipedia

I actually thought it was perfectly sweet I will not be able to watch DTLY ep7 later. It is always a pleasure to hear a different opinion. OK, start counting the number of deus ex machina that this drama will deploy by the end of tomorrow’s final episode. I am not sure but I think she was exiled partly because of her absurd behaviors but mainly because she dared to scratch her husband’s face and the Queen Dowager saw it.


Eliminate that and the words decadent and filthy wouldn’t be adjectives I’d use. Maybe there is no winning against their fate, and the most I can hope for is that the love they share in the time they have remaining is beautiful and true.

It’s so intense I just can’t calm myself. No Preview for Episode 19 Comment: I am sooo addicted!

In the dramatic arts, to create the sense of romance, innuendo is so much more powerful and uplifting than seeing things fully played out. All sageuk definitely needs this scene. You really make my week when I see a new chapter posted!

We only made to believe he is evil mostly based on what ppl’s say, and not his aranv actions. I will give extra credit for actor do his own stunt.

Yeok shouts that because of his rash decisions, the pawnshop will now be monitored and targeted around the clock.

As a satisfactory feelings episodw the viewers so that if. Joowal is such a fascinating character in the way he draws you in despite knowing how wuen he is.

Yeok and Chae Kyung are pulled in all directions by their love for one other, their duty to their families and struggle to protect one another. This also reminds me of Bogum too in I Remember You which is why I am not surprised these guys are famous.

My heart adang bleeds for him, what a tall handsome guy to end up like that. Personally, I think it’s because the writer didn’t have anything after the hairpin