He remembers zoya dressed as a bride, and telling him that she would never go away from him. Saras asks Danny did you see Kumud as she is not in the room. Look at most relevant 7th june qubool hai full episode websites out of Yash feels sorry when he sees Aarti crying and promises her that he will arrange money. Though Yash understood her pain and grief and he stood by her as her husband and as the father of Ansh.. Kumud sees the oil coming out of the room and shouts Kusum open the door.

Danny says what, fire. Saras gives him the update and Danny is shocked. Gayatri tells her that Aarti just has Ansh all the time in her heart and she has not adopted this house or Yash till now. See more of Qubool Hai on. She says what did I do, with you, with Kusum. Last updated Sep 4, Just then, she sees asad, and is about to skid off, trying to avoid off, but instead lands in his arms.

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Kumud pulls Kusum out of the fire and asks her to open her eyes. Inside it is a wonderful poetry, a little comical too, and is confused who wrote it for him. As zoya is busy in her namaaz, tanveer tells her that its no use praying now, as she would finish her and her story for sure today, all the while spilling petrol around her.

When alone, imran calls up tanveer and asks whats the reason for this bad gift, and tries to explian that he wont be afraid of her blackmailing, and asks why is she still continuing this, and also to stop this. Kalika says only I understand whats in your heart, tell me the truth about the fire.


Zoya says so what. Nazma asks why imran didnt tell anything. Qubool Hai Episde РSeptember 2. It is turning to be really high voltage drama…. Qubool Hai 2 September Written. A password will be e-mailed to you. Just then, she sees asad, and is about to skid off, trying to avoid off, but instead lands in his arms.

Nazma asks what happened, and zoya wonders why is rajvir calling again and again. She insults that he must be like his father.

The guests applaud nazma on her beauty, while imran is unable to take his eyes off her, while zoya is all smiles. Nuzrat and humaira are tensed. Ayan says that she herself agreed.

But before asad can enter, he is acleed by nazma and he stops. Asad says that she too was right and can take her own descisions. Zoya is dritten to see imran very tensed himself. Qubool Hai 24th October. Vishi tries to console her and tell all that the kidnapper has threatened her very much and she is terrified by that but the Scindhias have little sympathy. Hasena too takes her leave. He leaves with it. Pa Scindhia was just watching all these with squinted eyes. Zoya wonders why is imran lying and hiding the truth from them.

Seeing zoya and asad tensed, ayan is surprised why are they fighting again. Imran lies that he doesnt know anything. septembed


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Written by, Faizal Akhtar. They hug each other. He says that she told that they are friends. A password will be e-mailed to you. Saras gives him the update and Danny is shocked. Badimaa brings tea for desitvbix and asks him to leave after having it. Haseena asks about rashid. Zoya asks if he wont ever mend. Chandbi says that its a hint for the couple, so that they become parents soon.

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He is all the more confused. It was launched on 7 June As she does 3dd, ahil compliantly looks at her, both aware of the increasing physical proximity due to the bath. She tells asad that she has already got the gitfs and they are in the hall, and asks him to come along. Shirin gives it to ayan, and asks him to serve everyone.

Asad frustratedly says that now, finally he has come to see her true eritten after such a long time. Zooya calls up and asks whats he doing here.

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Saras says with Kusum? Zoya begins with her evening prayers. Qubool Hai Episode