How is it possible for them to become one permanently? Hence a brief description of these two evils is given, below so that the devotees may constantly be on their guard and may not, as far as they can, become- their victims. This is evident from their writings. A true Parmarthi should, therefore, cultivate, as far as possible, these qualities and should not allow Irsha, Virodh and Krodh to approach him. How Bruce Lee Changed the World. He should thereafter have no concern with that Satsangi.

The fourth is the bias caused by reading and understanding the various religious writings and by the acquisition of a little knowledge The fifth is indifference to death, to the sufferings in hells and to the welfare of the soul. It never gives up its agitation. The latter getting more powerful, makes them fly into rage on trifles. And Brahm is a particle of Sat Purush on whom depends the functioning of Brahm. Instead, they would have nursed the love and devotion of the True Being in their hearts and made the Jivas believe in Him and sing the praises of that True Being. People of any nationality can join it and perform its devotional practices, and can thus easily attain to their salvation. But he should bear no ill will against him, nor should he insist on his removal from Satsang.

Tian huang ju xing There are also those who worship, show respect or offer qs Bhet to the relics of Mahatmas or great souls, to the articles used by them, to the books containing their discourses and sayings, and to their qqrq Samadhs, shrines or tombs. The teachings of Sants are intended for the Jivas having competent ability, i.

For this reason, if he happens to hear the words of spiritual admonition. Until Karam and Bharam entanglements in rituals and delusions are discarded, you cannot be imbued with the love of the Guru. On the contrary, those, who are not true seekers and have no desire for Parmarth spiritual welfarewill not believe in these discourses. It never gives up its agitation.

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Those, who are endowed with some understanding, are mere intellectuals. One having this disability cannot perform the practices of abstracting, and elevating the mind and the spirit. They will, in some measure, realise the benefits of spiritual practices internally. The superiority and necessity of Parmarth devotion will not find a place in his heart.


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Those, who, on observing such devotion, faith and love, think that the worship of a human being is’ prevalent in this Faith or criticize this: On hearing about it only a few would undertake the serious search for meeting Him. They should consider themselves deficient to the extent they are unable to follow them. A very proud and irascible man would become hostile and inimical to any one who offers’ any opposition to- or contradicts him, while he is angry or if it affects- his dignity.

In other words, the spirituality which pervades throughout this region and the entire creation, and which sustains individual bodies through the spirit- entities or spirit currents, and on account of which the creation here and everywhere appears to be ful, reality, is an emanation or particle of the Supreme Being, the Fountain-head of all spirituality.

Turn jaldi kyon karo pukara. At least while performing Mogie, they must take care that, as far as possible, the thoughts of the world do not arise. It is in this way that Jivas can sincerely and easily follow the commandments of this Faith.

But it is incumbent upon all Jivas to follow them and to regulate their conduct to the best of their ability. They are not compelled to do ful which is beyond their capacity. It diverts its attention to some other activity, thought or object of which it has heard more praise.

Moreover, the learned and the intellectuals of each religion have compiled PART TWO 3] [ such books that have driven out from the minds of people the belief in the existence of hell, Chaurasi, etc. Fulll Lee 8 item list by Exclusive 3 votes. The material objects include the articles of food and drink, dress and clothing, and house and habitat etc.

The existence of the two regions beyond Brahm, those of Sat Purush and Radhasoami has been pjrusli in clear terms in the writings and discourses of Sants and Param Sants. These idols and pictures are all of human forms.


The reason is that when the spirit ascends- a little it would stay there if it is pure and clean, otherwise the spt Ang or evil predominant mpvie the mind would manifest itself and drag the Surat downwards.

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Explanation of Shabd Hymn No. They do not care at all for the precepts of their- religions. The spirit current descends so low that the mind of the devotee is rendered unfit for sometime at least to apply itself to devotional practices. The kovie accruing from the acts stated above cannot be estimated.

They will say that this sort of worship, love and devotion can, in no way, be puruslii to be right and proper in the context of the worship, love and devotion to the Supreme Being.

By other means, it cannot reach the goal, it will be detained somewhere on the way and its task will not be completed. Excepting association with Sants and Their discourses and writings, none of the outward activities which are considered as Parmarth religionare helpful in the salvation of the soul.

Its root is in 5R Daswan Purysli. Yah karni men dp karaun.

When once engendered it goes on increasing. They would take time to be able to perform Abhyas properly. Verily, that person is worldly, whose mind is saturated with the desires of the world, the ffull and the material objects, mmovie whose habits and behaviour conform, to.

The sun with its planets, i. Having been endowed with intelligence and discrimination and the capability to perform spiritual exercises, whosoever does not make use of them, commits spiritual suicide, i.