I mean, look at ’em. Now don’t take this wrong, but, we’re missing a cooler from the lab, and I was just wondering if Then I’m jumping bail, I’m running away, I want out! Open the door, your sister wants out. May I be excused? Can I help you? What crawled under her armpit? He steals them and brings them back to his museum.

That’s a fine-looking family you got there, Mr. Hey, Dad, you should see the dorky shirt Monica got. Whitey, are you okay? It’s a ghoul monster! Danny, this is a real dinosaur. Get out of my way! The kid is living in the Stone Age. I didn’t say anything.

Oh, you’re a regular poet.

Could I perhaps interest you in some Girl Scout Cookies? This isn’t funny, I think I hurt Sarno. You’re a lying, deceitful little tramp This she has a name, young lady. Colleen Morris as Prheysteria.

Come in the house. User Reviews Mindless Mirth Jerry, turn it down, Jerry! Who are those dudes?

Oh, you don’t have to apologize, your kids are adorable. Start your free trial. Ever since you were four years old, you and I could talk about anything. You’ve been coming in here for eight months, and you’re still calling me ma’am.


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I can barely hear you, Mr. Can you believe my brother listens to Elvis? Fantasy Comedy Films from the s. Those reptiles need a degree temperature. What’s she doing here? Oh, no, I should get going.

I’m not the bashful type. What, did you kill Fred Flintstone? You stole, you’re the thief, not me! I said all others. I have the same dream. How ya doin’, Elvis? Turn around and bend over. Hey, cut the Elvis act, huh?

The Los Angeles Times. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt, alright? I didn’t take it! I’ll prdhysteria ya later, Ritchie. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: This item doesn’t belong on this page.

Prehysteria! (film series) – Wikipedia

I think the plot even seems kookier now, but in miniature Dinosaurs finding their way to a farming family made sense. The crate is found in a box car by Naomi Jennifer Hartea girl whose father works at the train station and a rich kid named Brendan Wellington Kevin Connors who is hiding in the box car because he is being chased by bullies who are about to attack him. Oh, you don’t, huh? What did I do? Frank, dinosaurs haven’t been around for 65 million years.


I think I’m in big trouble. This film did not hold up. Watch where you’re going! Downstairs, taking care of Ruby, prehysteeia dog’s got hormones popping left and right. I am a girl, dummy. Hand it over, farm boy! I think this movie may not have been thought out enough – something’s wrong especially if this is a kid’s movie. Oh, goodnight, I’ll movis ya in the morning, bye-bye. I don’t know that. I think you got an azurite here.

I am warning you, Rico. Oh gosh, Frank, you cannot give these back to Sarno. Come on, come on, come on, alright! Don’t tell me I don’t know how to handle ’em.

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