Go right to the desert, click on the stone platform, and USE your salt. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Now, quick, go through that and then get out of this scene by swimming to the left. Place the ingredients on the table as specified by the recipe: Run right, making sure to jump over the quicksand patch which is a lighter color than the rest of the desert. But just before then, you get to make a wish of your own; depending on which one you choose, you get a corresponding photo.

Go back left to the jailcell area. When the thieve above you turns and walks left, use the bird statue to jump up. As a result, the master thief tries to make a wish but is cut off by the large henchman, who wishes to pulverize everything he touches. Now, to get out of this room, go into your inventory and equip the magic sand. Once you get to the area, go up to where two thieves are guarding the Borax , and pick it up. Go right, and jump up twice; you’re now next to the Vizier! Go to the Desert and click on the platform.

Jump onto arbaian lamp table and then jump up and left, to get onto the wooden platform. You should be at the sanctum, where the master thief is currently at. When he turns his back and walks off the screen to the left, jump up and collect the white robe from the altar.

She brings you back to the lamp scene and forces you to put the lamp on the altar. Can anyone help me with that? Once you find it, our new friend will take a fake lamp and sacrifice himself so that we can escape! Although messing with the past would probably be much more disastrous than any of the foolish wishes the townspeople made, and none of the characters would remember any of the araiban that happened since that point, but it’s Poptropica.

When you talk to him, he will give you a magic sand formula that will aid you in your quest. Equip your magic sand and press spacebar to throw it right onto that spot on the ground. A nigjts key is a special foor of key that will unlock any lock it comes across. It looks like some sort of plundered treasure room. Throw magic sand at the sandy platforms beside the guards to drop them out of the way.


Line Forms Here Cheats and Walkthroug Exit the palace and go right to the Bazaar. Use the skeleton key to unlock the squirming treasure chest to the right of the palace door. Go down to the barrel, then click use on the White Robe. Go to the library again and use the table again to make the potion: The Vizier sultan’s adviser is in the cell next to yours and will ask you to set him free; we’ll do that later.

Obtaining the materials will require some tricky trading. Email required Address never made public.

Arabian Nights Island Guide

The nigts photo depends on the wish you make at the end of Episode 3. He’s very reluctant to follow, though, so whenever he stops, move back a little bit and he’ll continue following you. Push the crate here off to the right and keep pushing it after it falls, then jump on top of it. You will now have quicksilver. This dog is on the scent The next Poptropica Island: He’ll start running back and forth, the camel following behind.

Peanuts Website Peanuts Comics. Click on your bag of salt to give here a salt crystal, and she’ll offer you some cloth.

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You start the binding spell Make your way all the way down to rhe bottom and click through to cheags next section. Oh, we’ll trade it all right, but we have another agenda You’ll get a page from that book, giving instructions on how to catch a genie.

When you enter the island, you need to make your way down the scene. The Thieves Garb Gunpowder.

When you first start the 2nd episode of this island, you will find yourself in the entrance of the lair. Then go to the top right and collect the large book on the bookstand — The Big Book of Magic.


From that bookshelf, click on it and then click on the book about how to catch a genie, which is in the bottom right corner. Trade the Crown Jewel for the Ivory Camel at the top-left stall, then go to chetas bottom-right stall to trade the camel for a camel harness.

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Now that you have the name and the lamp, all you need to do now is fly. Throw the magic sand at the floor, and the bed will fall onto the thief below. It’ll blow up in his face, and now you can run up the newly-created platform.

This will help us trick the guards. Resources on this page: It’s the weekend, so get hopping!

Ok, I forgot the Gun Powder and I let that one guy out. Unlike real life, when you’re looking at objects the mirror, if they’re inhabited by a genie, they’ll periodically shake or wobble. Arabian NightsCaptain Crawfish.

Where the last arrow points down on the map is fro I stop the directions and take over. Grab the White Robe the vanished prisoner left on the altar. Poptripica Bazaar Cheats and Walkthroughs Scroll down for the full written guide. Connect With Poptropica Guru! Your character will test it out, and the crafting table will fall through the week spot in the sand the magic sand made.

Talk to him, and then throw the divination dust at him.