Light, shadows and echo play hell on the nervous system, and the fighters gradually lose their grasp on reality as the maze undercuts their hopes of survival and escape. When Eduardo got back to the office things were quiet. Right now he could feel the slick ring rubbing the head of his cock as he pushed in just enough to let the ring massage his big knob. JavaScript is required to view this site. How about a joint effort? Half an hour later the house phone rang. This one for example, his hole was warm and juicy and practically vibrating with need and welcome. Grid View List View.

Opening on the last day of the war, the story concerns a resistance fighter with the last task of assassinating a Communist commissar. Anything you need, just call me. Eduardo looked over at Bigger Daddy and saw that he was now fully erect and stroking his cock, watching the action with approval. It seemed obvious that they had a lot of fun exploring ahead of them, if they could just see the way to get there, and that the son was certainly ready for whatever the weekend might bring. Eduardo grinned and turned back to Smaller Daddy and pumped with a will. Eduardo was pistoning now, working expertly with the sling, making every thrust count, coring out the dad hole. Ashes and Diamonds , dir.

Pilatus und Andere [Piłat i inni]

Logically, the loosening should prolong dia,ent sex, because of the decrease in friction, but Eduardo was always so turned popioo by it happening that it tended to speed up things.

They were wearing board shorts and carrying towels. Bigger Daddy benignly sucked in his lower lip and inclined his head in agreement. Invisibility stitches their mouths with silence; I wrap their cosmic dust around myself and pull them out of the hands of nonexistence. The rim of the pucker invitingly glistened with a sheen of lube.

In the shadow of his passing, it survives like the performance of a haunting concerto, Wajda with baton aloft, conducting his three-piece movement on the struggle, sacrifice and survival of his homeland. Eduardo hung up with a grin and reached down and rearranged his stiffening cock.


Cybulsky stammered, stepping backwards and bumping into his son. With his second film Wajda picked up a few years deeper into the war. The Poles, though, are equally determined to keep the city from falling to the enemy and u the sewer system to travel and strike from below. Eduardo cheerfully obliged, driving his fat cock back into Smaller Daddy, giving him the fullness and stretch that he craved. He loved the slick tightness on his cock, the grip and the slide and the thwack as he started to bottom out and their bodies bumped against each other.

Anything else you need?

popiol i diament film cytaty po

Launching from the gates of the Polish Film school movement, he unleashed three powerful portraits of his nation caught in the mire of war. He loved having a big fat up-curved cock that could satisfy daddies like this.

He loved doing this, making a daddy feel good. It seemed obvious that they had a lot of fun exploring ahead of them, if they could just see the way to get there, and that the son was certainly ready for whatever the weekend might bring.

Smaller Daddy moaned with satisfaction. Any, uh, questions about the sling? How about a joint effort? Smaller Daddy was so excited that his pucker actually gave a little oink as it opened for him.


Ashes and Diamondsdir. Cybulski again, somehow managing to get himself and little Cybulsky out of the doorway. Positioned at the start of the Occupation, the film sets us in a time when many Poles led double lives, working steady jobs during the day, passing weapons and planning murders by night. Wajda and others found diamemt personal experience in deep conflict with the art they were producing.

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Warsaw is burning, with pockets of safe havens under fire by Germans hell-bent on bringing the city to its knees. The Pipiol took control. Andrzej Wajda left us just over a year ago, leaving an indelible mark on what film could achieve in the realms of art, politics and history.


Can you tell me, is there anyplace around here we could pick up a couple of, uh, speedos?

He looked at Eduardo and nodded in agreement. How about you go first, he said eagerly. Feedboxes are sound toys that react to incoming sound in diment way, yet they behaviour may become quite complex.

The film was a major salvo in the onslaught of Polish masterpieces made in the wake of Stalinist control in the country, and it made a world cinema superstar out of Wajda, regularly turning up in film retrospectives and popping up on best-of lists for decades. Smaller Daddy looked blissful and greedy at the same time. Its chilling dytaty find a musician wandering crazed and incoherent through the sewer and a bloodied hand reaching for the cyttaty from above.

Eduardo finished with their paperwork and handed them two keys. String box plays plucked or strummed chords generated with Karplus-Strong synthesis based on short, percussive sounds.

Eduardo loved the welcome, the hairy thighs shifting apart to make room for him, and the hole opening up, encouraging his cock to enter and go deep. Eduardo jogged to room Grid View List View. Nice smile, big broad face, strong nose, a great normal-looking guy, but next to him stood a younger smaller version with the same broad face, a strong nose, and a growing chest.

Bigger Daddy was rubbing his own cock, which looked to be only about three-quarters hard, but nonetheless reasonably impressive.