The Art of Flame and Ice!! Just then, a spark of light flashes and an Infernape appears, saving Ash from his troubling situation. Kricketune Type Bug Abilities Swarm. Sora no Kanata e!! Dawn is quickly making her way to the finals, but Ursula is too. Their opponents one by one are being eliminated and the finals remain.

As usual, Team Rocket pursues them. In addition to that, Jasmine and Flint also have a training battle. Ash brings out Sceptile, which manages to defeat Darkrai using Leaf Blade. As Round One of the Sinnoh League gets under way, Ash learns he will be battling none other than his friend, the musician Nando. Ash faces Conway with Noctowl, Gible and Donphan. Ash wins the rematch, and Buizel learns Ice Punch in the process. During their meet, they understand through TV that there are only seven ribbons left Also meaning that Jessie and Ursula needs to hurry to earn their respective remaining two and one ribbons to get qualified for the Sinnoh Grand Festival. He persistently tries to enter the Gym, but the high-tech Gym has a prepared machine which manages to capture him.

Both Ash and Paul are ready to battle to their fullest. Ash discovers that his next opponent is Conway and that the vichors battle is between Paul and Barry. With Gible and Dusknoir taken a lot of damage each, it looks as though neither side has the clear advantage until Gible bites through Dusknoir’s Shadow Punch, unleashes Draco Meteor again, and knocks out Dusknoir with a well-aimed Dragon Pulse.

Our heroes also run into Paul, who is planning to use his trademark analytical strategy. Electivire charges with a powerful ThunderPunch at Infernape, but more powerful, Infernape charges with Blaze at Electivire. Meanwhile, Barry, Conway and Paul also make it through sinnnoh preliminaries. They run the rest of the road, and at a new sunrise, bring their Sinnoh journey to an end and bringing up a new adventure in Unova.


Pages using deprecated image syntax Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links. Infernape finished Ninjask with a powerful Mach Punch.

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Ash wins over Paul, and moves ahead, onto the semi-finals and enters in the Top 4 champions of sesaon Sinnoh League. Sinnoh League Victors – Set One: Dawn tries to make Togekiss understand the battle styles with magnificent looks.

After his big victory over Paul, Elague discovers that his next match is against the strongest contender in the entire Sinnoh League, Tobias, who has easily won every battle, to reach the semifinals using only his Darkrai.

In addition to that, Jasmine and Flint also have a training battle.

Later Barry asks Paul for a battle in which he refuses. Soon the finals pit Dawn and Ursula against each other.

Ash and Paul continue their full battle. The Japanese opening leagie is “The Greatest – Everyday! Ash and his friends have finally arrived in Sunyshore City where Ash is more eager than ever to battle for the final badge he needs to qualify for the Sinnoh League.

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In the end, everyone aplogozies to Piplup, so it joins the group again. After yet another failed attempt to master Draco Meteor, Ash’s Gible falls into a lake and has to be saved by Buizel. Eventually Dawn is able to make a comeback and finally earns her 5th ribbon. The next battle is between Ash and Conway.

Ursula uses Gabite and Flareon. Dawn, Zoey, Jessilina and Nando are in the Top 4. Even though Ash is in the lead, Paul’s Counter Attack has begun. With her not there, Brock tries to save them. Cyndaquil is left, but Team Rocket finds it first. With Ash’s Battling Style motivating Volkner, they are ready to battle but their battle is interrupted by Power-Cut which is unusual in Sunyshore City as they have a well designed Power Tower; As they try to figure out what happened, the tower was launched up by Team Rocket.


Then, when Electivire grabs Infernape’s arm, he inflicted a powerful Thunder attack, but is at a disadvantage when Blaze is activated. He persistently tries to enter the Gym, but the high-tech Gym has a prepared machine which manages to capture him. Meanwhile, talks of an incredibly powerful trainer with a Darkrai begin to stir up. S13 Episode 29 Familiarity Breeds Strategy! Two episodes are shown every Saturday at 8.

Quilava learns Aerial Ace and ends up fainting in a tie with Armaldo. The team has been impressing the head of concessions, thanks to some smart sales strategizing by none other than Meowth!

Togekiss is very much excited to show its elegance, but tries to showcase its look by taking hits of Gible’s Attacks. Buck catches the Claydol and the treasure turns out to be vases and other stuff.

Dawn confronts Piplup and tells it that they have to depart and the team sees a battle between Cynthia and Flint, and Cynthia wins the battle. Team Rocket manages to come on the ship, which Ash, Brock, and Dawn are on.

Then they announce the winner who turns out to be not Dawn, but Zoey just by the smallest number of points. Every attempt by Gible falsely hits Piplup.

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With Sunyshore Gym under repair Ash and Co. They ssinnoh up with Dawn’s mother, who asks them to help out at a school. Sinnoh League Victors season.