May Travels Through Time! Meowth shouts at her and says that that’s unbelivable, but May tries to reason with him and poits out that all this couldn’t have happened in present day. Jessie smiles as she sees Pikachu, having still not given up on their quest to nab it from Ash. At that however, Squirtle calls out to her from the train tracks, having found something. She walks inside and notices a strange picture perched atop a pedestal. Not only have their lives been changed, but the entire town is better than ever! She then hands May back her Squirtle, and May thanks her. We shall never know.

Later that night, May returns to the Pokemon Centre and explains to the group about her day and tells them the story of Kuni. James spots the stray Squirtle chasing off into the distance as May drags behind. When it appeared like she wasn’t going to come, he grit his teeth and boarded the train. May and Meowth look at eachother in shock, wondering what could have possibly happened, before one of the train station staff runs over and shouts at her for being on the train tracks. May spots Jonathan and realizes this is the day he leaves for the city, but she can’t enter the train station without a ticket. When they went back to the present they were in the same universe, the universe had only changed, but it was still the same. You shall not post this on anywhere for public use You shall not sell this for public use Do not replicate and forward without permission Do not claim this as yours Do Not Translate it into your language and claim ownership The episode begins in a Pokemon Centre, with Ash, May, Max and Brock taking a rest on their journey towards their next destination, the Battle Tube.


May and Meowth look on, happy to have done a good deed. Meowth walks off by himself, just as Ash calls out to May, followed by Max and Brock. So in this pokemon episode episode total, Episode of the advanced generation fime-warp, it shows May going back into the past by a magical pendant. She goes to the train station and finds Meowth pondering Edna’s story. May is sad to hear pokeon a sad story, as is Squirtle ho begins to tug on her arm. The last calls for the train are heard as Squirtle begins to launch its Ice Beam towards the sky.

Brock then slides over towards her, and recites his usual declarations of love and passion, as the poor nurse appears to be slightly taken aback by his pokemob actions.

Pokemon 09×12 Time-Warp Heals All Wounds!

Not only have their lives been changed, but the entire town is better than ever! Into The Blue 3. S9 Episode 10 The Green Guardian. She ends up altering the past creating a new future. Hiso is incredibly pleased to see her, but says that he thought she wouldn’t ehals. Squirtle finally stops running as it comes upon an abandoned area.

May greets her new Pokemon and takes it into her arms, hugging it. A familiar voice calls out to her, wouns May’s attention is brought to Squirtle who is being held by an old woman sitting on one of the train station’s benches.

Or rather, Bonsly’s bottle. Squirtle, for some reason then runs after Ash and Pikachu, and is followed by May who wonders why Squirtle is running after Ash like that. When they get high enough, May orders Squirtle to use Ice Beam on the sky above.

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Watching the two girls from the nearby bushes is Meowth, who has also heard the story and begins to cry. Queen of the Serpentine! They greet Nurse Joy in return, and she enquires about May’s egg, and says that she’s sure it’ll be a strong and healthy baby when it comes out.

S9 Episode 11 From Cradle to Save. Looking around, she notices that this area must be the desolate and abandoned part of town, as all the windows are boarded up and generally the buildings look old and not taken care of. Your request could not be completed. When it appeared like she wasn’t going to come, he grit his teeth and boarded the train.

To Avoid the current hassles there is this disclaimer for those Who want to use it without permission: May notices a picture lying on the bench where Edna is sitting, which resembles Edna in her younger days. Please correct someone who is wrong, but don’t be rude. Hiso had already boarded the train and gone inside Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Married at First Sight 6. Edna and her husband walk outside to notice the solitary tree covered in snow and glistening with color, created by Volbeat and Illumise in a courtship dance. However, she has a good idea at where it could have gone, and runs off by herself to go find it.