But how far can reality shows go? Um, I missed the first couple of minutes of this episode, so I’m not sure of the main character’s first name, or what the two bastards were up to before Podge began this tale of double crossing. There are no clues — except an unmatchable set of fingerprints and a very similar crime committed over 50 years ago…. But things reach boiling point when he discovers that Delores has fallen in love with a young librarian. But canny Japs Eye was the King of the Practical Joke, and always managed to get one up on the other two. He began to get sick of her. Having extolled the virtues of his new-fangled “sand and seaweed concoction” great for exfoliating the skin, apparently , the dimmer twin is horrified to learn that he had in fact been scrubbing himself with the contents of Pox’s cat litter box.

Rodge attempts to save face, claiming that such tomfoolery affords him something of a “lady’s touch” for his impending date with Pamela Handerson. But as soon as the show is over, Chris wants to get straight back to his executive life. In fact, things were good for Iva, and her local town were honouring her bravery at the unveiling of a new memorial. Patch Kehoe’s field was hindering the construction of Clint’s new road leading to the proposed clubhouse. The latter is complaining of having broken six ribs in a clash, and muses over joining the safer confines of Podge’s golf club. Or indeed the new Bon Jon Bovi ladyhair tattoo that he had acquired. Edit Cast Series cast summary: A true golfing champion.

Enda Meeshan, who hailed from the spectacularly named Bigarsedladies, Lima, Peru, was studying genetic science “the study of the very fabric of nature, and not your fiddly bits” in Dublin. When he’s sent to the notorious Hole Island prison he plans his most audacious break-out to date.

The Banana’s plan, to Rodge’s disappointment, did not involve “a ladyman operation, changing him into the woman he always ebdtime to be”, but rather the removal of his limbs, which would then be packed in liquid nitrogen, carried through customs in separate suitcases, and reattached to his baggaged torso in Switzerland. It ran for nine series, with a total of episodes from until January Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Iva Brownstain was a survivor. Sample instructive quote – “Hello, how are you? You’ve killed the bleeding neighbours. When her dead husband had showed up on her doorstep three days later, poor Mrs. And there was serries great hunt involved in tracking down the original vampire, for it was Glenn himself. And when his Mother passes away Ruari couldn’t care less, that is until the priest comes to visit.


And he would unwittingly keep his promise, turning rocge in hell for all eternity. And opdge sad little man facing a life of affected sight if he continued down that solo path.

Each year, when the show visited the town of Cocknorris “a town with no chipper is a town with no soul”the twins were subjected to the three bastards – Maurice McGinty, Loppy Kiernan and Eddie Hole, who took the almighty piss out of the unfortunate boys. His brother stutters awkwardly something about emptying the pot, and reappears in the Ballydung night air, hovering and wailing with an unconvincing white sheet over his head. He was to come back with a new identity and remarry his wife, but will she love the new look Neill?

How long will poor Cormac McAnus resist the cravings for the other white meat? He was all over Sheila like a cheap suit. sccare

For two weeks, it was great. In the restaurant, he was surrounded by cops, and arrested by Lieutenant Luke Lad on charges of murder. He decides to lie low and hide his trademark mask until the killer is caught. And won five hundred pounds!!

A Scare At Bedtime – Season 3

So one day he does just that – spends the day treating himself to a day of retail therapy. Rench had died from the shock. But despite the number of ladies he had left in his wake, his past never came back to haunt him. Rodge suffers as a result. Doctor Flaccid said it could pack in”. This episode begins with Podge putting the finishing touches to a crime scene, with the murder-outline of his spiky-haired brother behind him on the bed. Kennedy – “hosing someone else’s lawn”, so to speak.

Their respectives spouses both worked on Saturdays, leaving Flush to hop around through the back door, to the waiting Sheila. He mentions a chapter on multiple partners, and Podge’s ears prick up.

Podge and Rodge. A Scare at Bedtime

He had devoted his life to the study of the history of mankind. So when the chance arose for him to become the funniest man alive, he jumped at it – even if it meant selling his soul.


Ardle McArdle and his family buy Muff Cottage – the House of their dreams or as it turned out; the house of bsdtime Nightmares!

After the six months that it took for his face zcare heal, and for his modified larynx to right itself, he travelled home, called his wife, and told her to look for the tall, dark and handsome stranger in Enrico’s. So when the Professor heard word of the sighting of a primitive man, untouched by civilisation, he thought his life’s work had all been worthwhile. The dangerous combination of e-mail and an evil boss.

Rodge episodes, rodgge It is never easy to move to a new neighbourhood, as Tammy Paxman and her daughter found out when they moved to the suburbs. But Craven was too tight to pay for a divorce. Some time later, Enda met a young lady, and they began courting. Tracing your family roots has never been so dangerous! Podge episodes, Ciaran Morrison Having navigated past the initial shock, Enda found his bath-dweller to be most friendly, and it materialised that they both supported the same band of over-rated Manc bastards.

By all accounts, the South American was a genius, and grew to become bored of his classmates, of whom he complained that they were holding him back. So they took a circular saw to him. Rodge attempts to save face, claiming that such tomfoolery affords him something of a “lady’s touch” for his impending date with Pamela Handerson. It is, admittedly, an unfair dismissal, but she can’t challenge the decision, for fear of Rudi suffering any extra repercussions.

A routine operation to remove his appendix turns into a nightmare for poor Donny Gussit, who loses more than he bargained for at the hands of an unscrupulous surgeon. And he nearly bedhime there. No amount of Rio-explanations would get him off the hook. The unfortunate story of Marty Felchman, his dream date, and his dodgy bowels.

Down – with the aid of her lover Inspector Bush, had planted evidence at the scene of the supposed crime, evidence sufficient to have Mr.