If we accept this argument, we can also conclude that the randy police officer wouldn’t have shot Chris if he had known that he was the former Commissioner for Information. Because his of ingenious use of words in his columns, he became a popular figure in the country and his brilliancy made Chris nominate him for as a member of cabinet of Major Sam led junta. Some time after this, Ikem is fired from the National Gazette by orders from the President, who thinks Ikem’s writing in the Gazette is too critical of his “administration”. Although she is sensitive and attractive, she was not very lucky with her first husband, whose people did not accept her as a person. The first book is in effect a continuation of Thing Fall Apart. We first come in contact with her when Major Sam introduces her to other guests at the dinner and ever since, we don’t hear anything from or about her.

In order to pacify him, Beatrice tries to divert Chris’s attention to the need to reconcile with his friend and subordinate, Ikem. This attests to their humanity. The journalist wraps the President and the whole Cabinet around her finger, lecturing them about how Kangan should take care of its foreign affairs and debt. Chike and the River The conflict ended in after the federal forces had starved two million Biafrans to death. After he has lambasted the excesses and political wantonness of public office holders, he then uses the forum to propound his self-styled new radicalism, which he wants the people to embrace. The New York Times.

He was the… More about Chinua Achebe.

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Summsry is taken from his home in the middle of the night and shot and killed by the state police. This is usually the trend in the country. He’s one of the two main characters of the book. Although it is often said that the police are callous, the attitude of the Police Superintendent at the Police Traffic Department shows that not all members of the force tolerate callousness.

After contemplating the whereabouts of Elewa, Ikem’s girlfriend, Fo tries frantically to speak with the President, the Attorney General or Major Ossai about the abduction of Ikem but to no avail. The most obvious practical difficulty is the magnitude heterogeneity of the problem.


Chapter Thirteen Ikem’s soul-searching lecture continues. Feb 04, Pages. Discuss Anthills of the Savannah as a neo-colonial novel.

Log In Sign Up. Even after the death of the trio, there is no hope for an ideal government. Chike and the River Od simplistic remedies touted by all manner of salesmen including some who call themselves artists will always fail because of man’s stubborn antibody called surprise.

In anger and despair, Braimoh runs after the trigger-happy cop but cannot apprehend him. Again, this attempted rape does not only reveal the universal nature of man but also show how morally bankrupt a military regime could be. His reason you remember: She is Beatrice’s late sister. Three men, friends since childhood, have assumed important positions in the new system.

Contrary to his earlier ambition to be a medical doctor, Sam goes to Sanhurst to be trained as a soldier.

Anthills of the Savannah – Chapters 1-2 Summary & Analysis

Elewa’s newborn baby at the end of the novel is a symbol of hope and regeneration not only for Beatrice and Elewa but also for the people of Kangan. The masses are always tolerating the excesses of those in power. There is a direct reference to the West in the scene in which Beatrice goes to a party that Sam has organized to impress an American journalist.

More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Anthills of the Savannah. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This chapter shows the social intercourse which often takes place among African ruling elites and their western counterparts. Pages to import images to Wikidata.

The contrast between these two women is also one of the themes zummary this book. It is also historical—it expounds the excessive of military despotism and tyranny.

Because of her educational level, she uses substandard English known as Pidgin. Follow Us on Facebook. A while later, he too is charged with treason and becomes a fugitive for real. They also write to the Editor of the same magazine demanding an apology for the calumnious and sensational headline about Ikem which they see as insult to students and their guest lecturer.

Ikem then encourages the audience to ask questions so that he can expound his message. This is no time to keep malice. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. The timeframe is indicated by the fact that the book implies that there are independent states in Africa. He goes on to give startling personal opinion to win cheap affection and to make Major Sam hate his boyhood friend the more but Major Sam dismisses him for want of concrete evidence to his claim.


It should be noted that power without a responsibility is an abuse of power. After an hour of thorough search, they leave without discovering the object of their search.

Immediately after the child has been named, Elewa’s mother and her uncle arrive. He comes to power without any preparation for political leadership and for this reason; he seeks ideas from his friends who are mostly civilians. This is overtly revealed in his fretting attitude when the people of Abazon lead peaceful demonstrations to the State House. The paper, apparently the only one in the country, is censored and orders regarding its contents often seem to come straight from the President.

View a FREE sample. Even when Major Sam demands his confirmation or objection to his fears, Attorney-General speaks more than needed. He becomes a civil servant in Lagos and, like savannaah other civil servants, succumbs to corruption. When the Eastern Region declared itself independent under the name Biafra, Achebe decided to join his fellow Ibos. Also by Chinua Achebe. She expresses to Chris and Ikem that they are approaching the problem incorrectly because they are not really connecting to the people and the land.

Anthills of the Savannah – Chapters Summary & Analysis

Until he is sacked, Ikem is the Editor of the government-controlled newspaper, the National Gazette. A searing satire o political corruption and social injustice from the celebrated author of Things Fall Apart In the fictional West African nation of Kangan, newly independent of British rule, the hopes and dreams of democracy have been quashed by a fierce military dictatorship. Arguably, every society is in a continuum of finding an ideal government which will make every citizen happy.

With the coming of a newborn baby, there is a glimmer that the savnanah of Chris, Ikem and the people of Kangan will never close.