P lol So next up: And as great as the orig anime was, so far it IS better. YouTube is the best place. Split and merge into it. Haruhi is pretty much the same as bebop, a must watch of humour and epicnness! It’s a really good anime from start to end. Animation is very much like the Movie as well as the voice actors, as well as alot of dismemberment.

Funny seeing, zoro with picollo and Luffy and Goku together. Wolfs Rain is pretty good but some people criticize it for the “flat” chrataters, Bebop!? I’m even using my iPod to watch the episodes right now! Though Gungrave was by far the most addicting anime I’ve ever seen. Just read some spoilers of this weeks manga chapter. The ability to draw forth new forms of life with a simple paint brush.

It freaks me out. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a Gundam series. He’s so blatantly evil, all he needs is a twirly mustash. But I’ll take your advice anyway, I’ll change it now and see if it works better.

Onegai Twins Episode 3

Its a brilliant show. Where can you watch Gundums online in English dubbed for free? I stopped watching Bleach since I saw that It’s going from 50mb per episode to mb per episode. Not sure what englieh say. Work thought best left to the gods, his grandmother cursed him to a life of fear and solitude shortly before her death.


I’ve seen so far. Can’t wait to get home and watch it! The song played in the credits of the 2nd half is so friikken sweet It’s just more fun in the Japanese dub – Less censorship more action and gore: I mean really, Danzo as Hokage: Specifically, FUNimation is the exclusive licensee for production and distribution of home videos, DVDs, and other home video formats and devices.

He was my favourite character!!!! Now Rember, Paper can kill kiddies! Okay, so it doesn’t scare me. Rather post a http link to the pic if you really want to share stuff like that. It’s just a tad bit to rediculous Watanuki, who has been haunted by dark spirits his entire life, meets Yuko, a mystical woman of insight and luxury, quick to help those in a bind For a fee!

Has to be Hellsing Ultimate.

5 km in english miles | mamnyouflam

Black Star reminds me a lot of Naruto. Watch on Crunchyroll crunchyroll please twins Watch Videos Online Onegai Twins Episode 4 onegai twins episode 5 please twins episode 5 english dub please twins episode 6 english dub please twins episode 7 please twins episode 3 please twins episode 8 please twins season 1 episode 2 please twins englksh 9 english dub.


It’s actually picking up, but now I hear you guys say pleqse will be spoilers? Cant wait for the next ep.

Just read some spoilers of this weeks manga chapter. D I remember I once read that the voice-actor for meowth died, you can hear the difference lolobvious and I must say I prefer the newer voice.

Looking for good anime ENGLISH DUB?

See, next month my internet contract expires, so I’m going back to MTN internet. O Awesome one Piece Amv http: It was on the same level as Gantz for me: Are you guys getting lazy?

What site can you watch mermaid melody in English dub? Now I’m starting with Gundam 00 Season Clannad makes a strong contestant for the funniest anim? And Bleach will be starting on Animax sometime, most probably the Dub. I just can’t understand why the English dub is so hated It’s not episodee Bleach, it’s every single show