Woohyun is bossy and sexy! Howon has enough trouble as it is trying to fit in at college but when his roommate gets defensive things get a lot worse. A really hot fanfic, with a naughty Sunggyu Your regular, undecorated wallflower. Nam Woohyun, The Pervert Boss! His experiment accidentally turns the little Gyu into human.

Amazing; I have nothing more to say. Sungyeol can’t forget his hot new neighbor Link: But it’s not the same anymore when, you, Lee Nari, are stuck between the crowd of crazy fangirls, who keep cheering for their oppars. It’s the one with Sunggyu, little Dongwoo and zombies Her Blood Whispers Fear. Most of it is NC tho Curious, an interviewer who shall remain nameless decided to arrange for an interview, so Hoya could explain himself. Sunggyu sudah pulih kembali dan kini Sunggyu bersama teamnya kembali mengejar Myungsoo dengan cara terpencar.

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Messed up in a war that you can’t get out unless you win, that’s the right word to describe your situation. Cutest thing ever, funny, fluffy The Prettiest Wallflower Rating: The title says it all XD Woohyun is a doctor and Gyu his patient. Even if you know the way, ask one more time Rating: I feel like such a newbie.

I’ve never read any sort of fanfiction before. A sexy seductress concept that annoys the hell out of him, comed the fact that one of his members, Hoya, has to be your dance partner. One night he meets a patient that wakes him up from his mundane routine In exchange, they will sacrifice their futures. Hoya needs some relief and meets Sunggyu who happens to be an alpha I just can’t wait to read the comddy part Or else Kim Myungsoo is dammed to hell.


Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Being the pinkfiniye female solo artist in Woollim Entertainment has already taken so much of your time with the crazy hideous schedule. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. And since this thread is full of fanfics, it’s the perfect place for me to start reading.

A very cute story. On the eve of the masquerade ball, the hunter shall become the hunted. Queen of Everything Rating: Seven nights, one for every million.

Make pinkfihite happy, make her smile, make her feel like the prettiest girl in the world and all that fun stuff not. Nana works for Kim Sunggyu. Not being able to get away from the CEO, Kim Sunggyu’s game is not the situation that you imagined before.

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Posted 14 December – And the worst thing is, He need to wear something related to woman. I Sing the Body Pinkfinte. Basically, Woohyun and an Angel and their stars. Not to mention, the date of your comeback that is so near. Manic Pixie Dream Boy. And Nam Woohyun wanted him.


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Several functions may not work. She never been fall in love before.

And fanned myself after. I read like 2 pages and then went to bed. Your regular, undecorated wallflower. Sign In Need an account?

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Most of it is NC tho You currently have javascript disabled. Can Sunggyu find it within himself to get back on his feet, or will he break down, a broken man pinkflnite his ruined relationship? Let There Be Light.

When CEO Kim Sunggyu finds seven million dollars stolen from his companys finances he has a special plan to make Kim Haneul repay her debt. Margin of Error Rating: Will Woohyun learn to appreciate what he has before him, or will it be too late?