Oh, several things, but my instrument of choice is the kazoo. Is this the Phineas and Ferb party? From the top of this building, everyone in the Tri-State Area should be able to hear us. It won’t stop flushing! Dad, what are you doing? I’m gonna be singing these songs all day!

First, we’ll use these shoelaces to makeshift Aglet Awareness Ribbons. Twenty people emailed me the same video. Now that’s the way to wake up. She thinks I’m cool! Well, that would explain the handsomeness. Hm I have to talk to her about her exits.

Take a break and smell these flowers Underneath the Eiffel Tower I wonder if they still have pieces of that hanging around? Good luck with that llama legislation. How did you phnieas out of that double knot? Mind you, this does not mean in any way, shape, or hair color, that I am your co-host.

Phineas And Ferb Tip Of The Day / Recap – TV Tropes

Now it’s pointing in the wrong direction. Summer, it’s crickets and cicadas and a glass of lemonade Summer, it’s sitting with your brother in the backyard under the shade of a big tree That’s what it means to me The days are longer The nights are shorter The sun is shining It’s scrupt warmer Summer, every single moment is worth its weight in gold Summer, it’s like the world’s best story and it’s waiting to be told It’s ice cream cones and cherry soda dripping down your chin It’s summer, man, where do we begin?


I’m your biggest fan!

So Phineas, what do you think of the City of Love? I have an ouchie.

Phineas and Ferb s04e15 Episode Script

There were so many songs to pick from, I mean, just take epjsode look at all of them. Sure, give the weird stuff to Baljeet! Where are you, Candace? Like corporations are a platypus The government’s a platypus Your teacher is a platypus My teacher is a panda. What am I, gonna throw away my best stuff on a clip show? I’ve sure had plenty of fun.

It’s just not working. Oh, you’re just too stressed.

There’s nothing funny about a man in his underwear skating into a toilet. Blech, no, phineqs gross! I am totally down for being second banana. Well, go and get changed then. Ah, just go with it, Francis. What do you mean “who cares?

But I gotta stop living in the past. Who’s up for charades? While my co-hosts go backstage and bring their fashions into this century, here’s song 8.

It’s Everything’s Better with Perry!

Being surrounded by the best family and the best friends anyone could ever hope to have. Hey, look at that nifty little blow torch!


I traveled halfway ’round the world and almost turned and ran away But you helped me get my courage back, so now I’ve got to say That though I’ve often thought of you as just a nuisance and a bother Today I can’t imagine having better little brothers And you gotta believe in something So today I believed in you and you came through, we made it I’ve never been so proud Never been so proud I know at first it seemed implausible But we accomplished the impossible Now there’s something that I’ve got to say out loud Time is what you make of it, so take a chance That’s it!

Yeah, I was actually waiting for you to ask me to do that. And, Kelly, you are doing an awesome job of hosting. Who is going to care? I said don’t play with the remote! Uh The tip of the elbow.

I bet that’s the first time anybody’s ever said that. What is he up to? Hm I have to talk to her about her exits.

And to think that they were carried away by a freak tornado!