Also available in a dye-free formulation. Deposits are uniform with good plate distribution. Ideal for mild, non-etch cleaning of aluminum. The process is specially formulated for continuous, high throughput operations. Formulated to provide semi-bright copper deposits that are free of pitting and roughness. Easy-to-handle product replaces mineral acid solutions.

Black nickel process produces a wide variety of decorative deposits ranging from uniform black to dark gray. Rus porno ensest uyuyan anneler. Porno izle olgun oral seks. Tolerates high levels of contamination in the process operating solution. Delivers unsurpassed corrosion protection, while enabling consistent and reproducible microporous deposits uniformly across the chromium surface. Porno izle porno sikikleri beyaz. Gold Nickel Braze Materials:

The cleaner is continuously regenerated to maintain optimum cleaning efficiency.

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Alkaline cleaner is designed for efficient removal of soils. Clear, inorganic, hard sealant for yellow and blue passivate films on zinc and zinc alloys. A blend of acid salts, activators and surfactants that may be used as a replacement for liquid acids in many applications. Produces light colored passivate layers that are clear without clouds or staining. Suitable for producing a mischwn coating on all types of zinc deposits.

Suitable for producing a conversion coating on all zinc and most zinc alloy deposits. Fast cleaning action, good emulsification, and free rinsing make the cleaner ideally suited for continuous strip and wire plating operations. Higher temperature operation reduces solution growth problems that can occur in low temperature zinc solutions, provides cost savings by eliminating the need for cooling and reduces loading of waste treatment systems.


Activator produces an acid solution that replaces most mineral acid pickling and activating solutions used in electroplating, phosphating, and heat treating applications. Designed to give maximum in-plant flexibility by allowing the user to control the sulfate content.

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Water-based for zinc and alloys. Especially effective when used with ultrasonic agitation. It is dilm preferred pretreatment in a broad range of automotive, appliance, jewelry, and consumer hardware applications. Operational ranges provide faster deposition rates and superior metal distribution.

Alkaline non-cyanide zinc and zinc alloy electroplating process produces bright ductile deposits which readily accept bright blue, f,uid, bronze and black chromate conversion coatings on both conventional zinc and zinc alloy deposits.

Electrophoretically deposited clear, water-based, acrylic, urethane lacquer provides protective topcoat on brass, bronze, zinc, nickel, silver and other metal finishes. Significantly reduces drag-out losses. Non-fluoride, acid salt specially formulated for surface activation on a variety of metals prior to plating. Produces a high-activity nickel strike layer between sulfur-free semi-bright and bright nickel layers of a duplex nickel or NIRON system.

Easy lfuid control and maintain.

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Titanium Steel Stainless Steel. Provides effective cleaning and activation over a wide range of operating conditions. The LS 1 process is formulated for plating on plastics applications that require highly ductile deposits. Offers an exceptional operating flexibility and a wide operating window.


A proven alternative to a tri-acid, the resulting aluminum surface is highly active for subsequent processing. Two-component, bright acid zinc process delivers exceptional deposit thickness distribution, high plating speeds and outstanding coverage in deeply recessed areas.

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Thick layer passivate possesses exceptionally high corrosion resistance. Water-based sealant for trivalent passivates over zinc and alloys provides exceptional corrosion protection. Low foaming, free-rinsing process effectively removes soap and buffing compound residues softened in a prior alkaline soak cleaner.

Aqueous, biological cleaning system that consumes and eliminates oils and soils. Yields superior surface topography suitable for optimum resist bonding. Electroless nickel strike solution produces a very thin, uniform, active nickel layer. Unlike other powdered acid salts, ACTANE 73 ffluid not form insoluble metal salts on the surface that interfere with the subsequent adhesion of the electroplate.

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Removes oxides and provides clean, active metal surfaces that promote optimum adhesion and fast, uniform plating. Ideally suited for high sliding wear applications. Very corrosion resistant and ductile deposits passing the Nitric acid test.