I hope everyone finds out that aashis mom is Anikta in one way or the other… I really do hope Anikta n ran vijay marry And that all of Anikta s sadness turns into happiness: Ovi check up na.. Navi August 07, Soham sits and he sees Gauri coming and pretends to read a newspaper. Arvi begin to make pottery with the pottery machine and a song plays in the background. He says she should marry them soon as many people ask him about Ankita. He gives money to Purvi Onir: Then Purvi wipes more of that mud from the pottery on to Arjuns face playfully and Arjun puts some of that stuff on to purvis nose and he smiles.

He looks at her with this look in his eyes as Purvi puts her hands on his shoulders. Manav says lets put pari to sleep between us. I find it amusing that Pari is always scolding someone in the episode or precap. They start play fighting and Sacchu says ok we can do that when we get home. Slowly purvi turns around to face him. Pavitra Rishta — 4. Pari says she cannot and he is responsible for her behavior.

Pavitra Rishta

He says whatever you say, Ashi is my child now. He asks panditji to check their kundali and get them married soon. Teju is right Jignesh: She turns around and closes her eyes and Arjun walks up behind her and hugs her from behind. Shaza February 11, Both men leaves 2gether, in the car Arjun and Onir are talking about Gohbahri Onir: Ankita thinks she wanted to spend happier times with her child, but she cannot after his death, if he would have been alive, he would have been of 5 years.


Famia August 07, Archu says she just does because she was crying and she picked her up. Archu is taking care of Pari and just changed her clothes because pari wet herself. Look at most relevant Pavitra rishta 20th august episode.

They are giving PR a slow death and torturing us viewers as well…. Ok I thot there was problem but now am fine. Arvi hug and then once purvi tries to go away from him teasing him.

Yes, I know Teju will go after finishing her work at the shop. Purvi tells Teju to get married. Play, streaming, watch and download Pavitra Rishta Episode – December 17, video Heres how it works.

She said she was angry with Arvi but took her anger out on her.

Ranvijay says work is fine and he has opened a saree shop. Purvi slowly raises her gaze to look at him and then again lowers it. Archu comes in and says she can give that too. So all the best!

Ankita thinks she performs Pooja for Naren and cannot forget him at all and thinks if he remembers me or not. Pavitra Rishta — 4.


Ankita says let aunty talk anything, she is her choti ma. Published on Mar View Download I must pick a sari!

Both their faces are dirty and Arjun is looking at her so lovingly and Sacchu and Teju are watching them. Gauri arrives there and pavitrz him and he pretends to be really shocked that Gauri is there. Tuhjse juda gar ho jaayenge, toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa.

She tells Ovi she has every right over Pari. Arjun unties her sari blouse rishtz the back. PR is more Apavitra Rishta than anything. In the December He looks at her with this look in his eyes as Purvi puts her hands on his shoulders.

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Pavitra Rishta is a Zee tv’slongest running serial. Do u believe in love??? She leaves without eating and her mother scolds after her. Soham sits and he sees Gauri coming and pretends to read a newspaper.