Episode with Kurt. Replacing item frames on B-team realty lots and looking at generikb’s Halloween costumes Footage of digging his hole Leaving Beef a gift and requesting to have a squid tank built Talking about his parents’ visit, continuing to dig out his hole. Etho and Pause finishing the dark room, Beef builds a house Trying to collect string, SethBling ‘s head. Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. Continuing to build his sandstone house, discussing plans for marriage, traditional weddings. Placing the brown wool, and iron and gold blocks Working their way through Valley of Thunder, obtaining the blue wool. From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki.

Explicit Episode with Michael from Gamewisp. An early skin used by Pause was that of Internet meme Pedobear , [] which Pause says he regrets using. Footage of multiple zombies attacking him in a cave Caving for resources Talking about Vidcon. Episode 98 with SuperMCGamer. Connecting the anti-zombie fortress to the nether Details of his 24 hour livestream. Practice battling Exiel, obtaining the white wool Entering the Land of Meer, placing the white wool on the monument. Finding KurtJKat , graduation tales.

Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 16″ VintageBeef: The second pauweunpause via his PO boxwhich includes sending gift items or items of unique interest. Explicit Episode with Kurt.

Team Canada – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

See Stay Forever Together. Building a “paintball arena” in Guudeland with Beef. Working on the Deku tree, burnt out of the build Decorating his nether area, talking about MineCon.


Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 12″ VintageBeef: Visiting Baj’s Treats Caving, talking about moving, upcoming games and plans for Europe. Episode pahseunpause – Minecon Edition feat.

Exploring a desert temple and a nearby jungle Stories about being sick with Andrea. Talking about a new recording program, his war with Etho, recapping the stream Footage from the end of the MindCrack Marathon.

Explicit Episode 99 with SethBling. Cleaning up Team America’s prank Talking about moving. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 11″ VintageBeef: Mindcrack Season 5 “. Season 3 server tour.

Series ended after request from developers [55]. Explicit Episode with Sigils. Using eyes of ender to locate a stronghold with Beef and Baj Digging a staircase down. Slaying of the Ender Dragon. Exploring a cave system with Beef “Hating” each other, origin of popsic. Discussing lying with Andrea, working on animal pens. Grand Theft Auto V. Modifying sheep pens and breeding sheep Laying out the teepee.

Pause described his previous full time job as a blue collar job working in a warehouse packing beer into crates for shipping.

Donations Eating spiders during your sleep, dentist troubles, Andrea’s nose bleeds Work on nether rails. Episode with Mhykol. Episode with Millbee.

Lethamyr w/ Beef – Episode 17 – MOAR RAGE!!

Description The Mindcrack Podcast is a discussion between members of the MindCrack server covering a wide variety of topics. Explicit Episode with Michael from Gamewisp. Farming wither skeleton skulls, sharing Dxtory problems Testing the pig jousting arena in Guudelandtrying Zisteau’s lava arena with Guude and Beef. Expanding the donation room Discussing laws they would implement with Andrea, talking pauseunpahse bacon, healthcare, education, the Internet. Hunting generikb as part of the Death Games Talking about farming wither skeleton skulls Showing his mob grinder.


From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki.

Exploring caves, discussing World of Warcraft Mail. Overpowered, Enchanter, Sniper Dual Completing the gold and emerald monuments.

PauseUnpause – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

Mindcrack Podcast By Mindcrack Network. May the force be with you! Episode with Nebris and Vechs. See The Chamber of the Creators. See Shoot Many Robots. Explicit Episode 44 – Guest Nebris. Episode with Anderz and Kurt.

Return to land beyond the ocean Mining and exploring. Being ambushed in the village Heading towards Stonehenge Suba Making iron golems in his desert village Caving with a night vision potion Talking about early Minecraft, reminiscing about meeting Guude, announcing that elisode will be on The Shaft Podcast, considering recording livestreams.

Mindcrack Podcast

Forming a MindCrack alliance and trying to meet e;isode Exploring as a group. Working on a sandstone structure, talking about being hypnotized at PlayOnCon Exploring ” B-Team ” cave, sharing “B-Team” items and gifts with Millbee Talking about how they met and they games they’ve played together. Full Metal Snipers” PauseUnpause: