I was really not expecting to meet a husband or rather being found,” says Daisy. Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches Nairobi. I think it is because of my mean, authoritative and serious character. It was after several attempts in the four-year period that she said ‘Yes’ to courtship,” says Justus. It was apparent were those respondents who tended to like feminine characters were female who understood and accepted what it all entails. The ideal of femininity television drama promote also reflects women’s position in a certain society, Evans A. When did you realise you could act?

Study Population The study targeted the inhabitants of Kakamega town who were viewers of papa Shirandula television drama series. I got interested in acting after Dr Opiyo Omumo and University of Nairobi theatre students came to Kamukunji High School and staged plays for set books. Very few respondents did not understand what television framing actually meant. Media Literacy and Culture, New York: Subscribe to our daily Newsletter. I want women to fall in love with their periods: Presentation given at IDS:

The research was carried out among episoddes residents of Kakamega municipality who are audiences of Papa Shirandula TV show. The eepisodes of the study clearly showed that Papa Shirandula television drama series reflects images of femininity and masculinity as they are in the society. Men 20016 framed as brave, adventurous, being able to think rationally, being strong and effective.

Their roles and position is elevated compared to that of women. Yes, but it has to be gradual because people are so used to me in my current role. The most notable stereotype apart from gender was tribal stereotype which are misrepresentation of the various communities such as luhya being watchmen, kikuyu being money minded and husband batterers, Luos being flossy and proud among others.

I also wanted to be a boxer like him. I was really not expecting to latfst a husband or rather being found,” says Daisy. And when they see me in a big car, they think I am acting. And, every now and then, she will slip into a bikini for giggles. Research show drivers are most obnoxious on Mondays. The images play a vital role in socializing and educating individuals using social and sexual role models as well as a lot of different positions of the individual that consider important pa;a patterns of behaviour and a certain style, while discouraging any others.


In real life, Daisy is married. Daisy, however, needed the time to be sure of her move. Sins of the flesh: For a marriage to work, Daisy says it is important to realise that it is God’s plan and God’s intention for a man and a wife to live together in order for the family, society and nation to be strengthened.

Wilbroda of Papa Shirandula steps out in a bikini and she’s hotter than your BAE

shiramdula The name Daisy Netia might not ring a bell. She is also a career woman. Her dad had by then retired and her parents had to move back to Migori.

In conclusion, the role of Papa Shirandula television drama Series demeans the position of a woman while exalting the position of the peisodes in Kakamega town and in Kenya at large. Often their passivity extends to victim-hood. Arizona State University Press. He says they started out as friends and he secretly hoped for an opportunity to talk to her. Therefore, in this regard, soap-operas have a huge capacity of popularizing certain types of images lagest perceptions of masculinity and femininity.

Daisy reveals that she is episodea one of the leaders of the youth church and is the Head of Missions in the Youth Ministry. One thing led to another and after some time I met Victor Ber, one of the best directors we have in this country, she says.

They depend on him as the bread winner and decision maker. I was called and told to carry my suit. My effort paid off when l first cast in The Marriage play, followed by acting in various set books such as Siku Njema.


Meet the boss of Papa Shirandula : Evewoman – The Standard

I want women to fall in love with episodea periods: Can you play another role, say a mugger, pickpocket or a poor person in tattered clothes? Only a few respondents said that some men are portrayed as weak and frail, irresponsible, and mouthy and these cited Njoroge whom many termed as a disgrace to men. There are, therefore, shocked when they see me walk, board a matatu or drive a small car. It’s not an easy class by any standards but I love the challenges that come with it, she confesses.

Sample and Sampling Techniques Samples of the households were randomly selected on the basis of estates in Kakamega Municipality. In a nut shell he Bandura, says that people learn by observing what other people do and considering the consequences experienced by those people. However, after the directors learned that I act well as boss in local movies, they made me boss of the thugs.

The fourth born in a family of five remembers how her classmates would laugh at her and call her names. Daisy says that indeed she has figured out what she was created to do, “My assignment is to reach out to the lost as I use my gift in the mountain of media arts and entertainment.

That encounter though was the beginning of a lifetime friendship. When challenges arise, the couple says, they encourage and pray for each other.