If you want to wait for George Lucas to release a cleaned up anamorphic edition of the originals, you’ll never see it. By Tom Pritchard on at. I like s Star Wars, moustaches, sideburns and all. Imagine a Christmas when you unwrapped the perfect Star Wars gift: Just one word of advice, don’t watch the DVDs with a 4K upscaling enabled. Never thought in a million years I would see these original movies in a digitally remastered version such as these discs. According to Tom Pollock , Lucas’s lawyer at the time, Fox wanted a sequel, but because Lucas owned the rights to a sequel with plans to self-finance production and zero obligation to make it for Fox a deal was struck. That means no deciding the prequels didn’t exist, or reversing course and declaring the original unaltered films are the canon versions.

There are plenty of them available on sites like eBay if anyone wants them. For now, you’re stuck with the DVD quality versions or the legally-dubious fan fan-made ‘Despecialised Editions’. If the studio hierarchy ends up shifting in the future to the point that Lucasfilm execs no longer believe in Lucas’ vision, the recent acquisition could cut through some of the red tape , despite those releases negating Lucas’ beliefs about the films he created. On a recent podcast appearance discussing the unaltered Star Wars films and their connection to creator George Lucas’s legacy, Kennedy stated via MovieWeb , “I wouldn’t touch those, are you kidding me? According to Tom Pollock , Lucas’s lawyer at the time, Fox wanted a sequel, but because Lucas owned the rights to a sequel with plans to self-finance production and zero obligation to make it for Fox a deal was struck. Truly, that sales pitch was no tall tale. Very good point about the Holiday Special. In another interview , however, Kennedy denied there were plans to restore and re-release the theatrical cuts of the original trilogy, though she did confirm there are no agreements in place preventing that from happening.

Disney’s Fox Acquisition Likely Won’t See Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Released

They look great on the shelf with the rest of my Blu Rays, and I’m very grateful to have the original trilogy on disc, for now and long into the future! I know I’m the minority and I recognize the flaws in story telling and execution but I also feel some of the tirlogy giddy excitement I felt watching the original trilogy as a child and I don’t think that can be discounted. This is probably una,tered least amount of buyer’s remorse I’ve ever had with a Star Wars movie in the last twenty years aside from the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone War Cartoons I bought as children’s gifts And don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


It felt like I was watching a pirated copy, which I hope it isn’t. Luke’s friends in a deleted scene from Star Wars. Indeed, there’s a special time-machine-like quality to watching A New Hope prepare its signature opening crawl and not seeing the “Episode IV: The approach to Yavin, as seen in the cut of Star Wars. On the other hand, the Biggs subplot worked very well in the novelisation and the radio series, which could allow more time for it.

The lightsabers have been enhanced; they are no longer white rods in certain scenes. The first half of the film is slow trrilogy today’s standards and would be slower still. The shock of holding physical evidence in your hands proving that George Lucas somehow greenlit a pre-Disney ownership modern medium release of a historical version of the epochal original Star Wars films that — by nearly all accounts — he had been attempting to obscure from posterity fades rather quickly upon first viewing of the discs themselves, which, among other issues, ary rough and grainy.

That was reportedly there to stay.

Why Hasn’t Disney Released The Original Unaltered Star Wars Films?

But all Lucas’s hoarded material surely still exists. This is information that comes directly from Disney’s annual report:.

The quality of the product was amazing! The films didn’t arrive on Blu-ray untila single year before he sold the franchise to Disney, meaning the unaltered cuts never officially arrived in high definition.

George Lucas restored minor cuts to THX Register – Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook.

While unofficial maverick fan-edited releases like the popular Star Wars Trilogy Despecialized Edition do exist, we decided to use the 40 th anniversary of the May 25,theatrical release of the original Star Wars to look at the Original Trilogy box setthe only official DVD release of the unaltered original Star Wars Trilogy, presented in all its scruffy-looking, practical effects-exclusive, “Han shoots first,” “Clive Revill as the holographic Emperor,” “Ewok Yub Nub song” form that purists perpetually dream of reinstating as canon.

About how he jumped ship from the Rand Ecliptic and joined the Rebellion. I’m a big fan of the extras and I really appreciate having them here.

The Empire Strikes Back 1. In the late ’90s, the world of Star Wars changed forever when George Lucas oversaw the development of the Special Edition trilogy, which featured the original films getting updated special effects and modified scenes. Top 10 Comic Book Movies Tag: Show More Show Less. The ones George Lucas made in this version were not so obtrusive as they were in the other movies. This fact especially frustrated fans, since a better version of the unaltered Original Trilogy films was already available in the heavily heralded pre-Special Edition THX remastered versions released on VHS in widescreen and fullscreenwhich were the result of extensive efforts to visually rejuvenate the films on a frame-by-frame basis, along with enhanced sound quality, designed to accommodate the digital bells and whistles added in the Special Edition theatrical re-releases in And of course, prints of the film still exist, although people are reluctant to admit to owning one, because Fox has a habit of seizing and destroying them.


Into the Spider-Verse Tag: The EU was apparently fair unalteres, since Disney has already disavowed everything that was released before rah purchased the franchise, but the rest?

Will Disney release the original Star Wars? Behind the Panel Tag: Spectacular new Star Wars pinball games are headed to your galaxy Jeff Spry.

In America, it’s possible to lose a copyright by not enforcing it, so it may be that the special has simply been abandoned to the public domain, in which case no release can ever have an iron-clad official status. The publicity around the Special Editions suggested the original negative of Star Wars had deteriorated badly between andto the extent that re-releasing the film was getting close to impossible. Truly, that sales pitch was no tall tale. Aside from 2 scenes in A New Hope being from the special edition first shot of Alderan and the sfx of the stormtrooper hitting his head this is a great restoration of the OG trilogy.

But because the very first film was paid for by Fox, without any sort of special deal in place because why would there be? I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend picking up copies anyway you can. He eventually relented and released the unaltered cuts on DVD for a limited time inbundled with the special editions. Newer Post Older Post Home. Most relevant reviews See all 23 reviews.

Yes, it would be fascinating to see the film that way. I think that’s a brilliant idea, John. All I ask is that—like Rogue One—it slavishly follows the look and style of the original ‘Star Wars’.